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Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh Fighta Bommer

If Dakkajets are the agile, albeit slightly unpredictable backbone of the Orkish Airwaaagh, the Fighta Bommers are for sure the mighty Choppa, that tears through enemy formations. About as armed as Imperial Thunderbolt fighters, yet even more heavily armed, these fellas pack a punch where needed. Personally I put most of my eggs in one […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Necrons More Escorts

Todays Update involves more than just one addition. This is the second Scythe class harvester vessel, alongside a Dirge class escort and three Jackal class escorts. For the dinasty!

Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh takes to the skies

Before we continue with BfG, it is time to start the Airwaaagh. First off: Aeronautica Imperialis is a great game. Usually, when Games Workshop releases boxed games I tend to be a bit sceptical. All too often in past decades these games were mere vehicles to drive model sales. I think we all still shiver […]

Battlefleet Gothic Necron Light Cruiser

With todays update we’re back on schedule. Aside of a new ship, the Shroud-class light cruiser, we are also taking a look at how I painted the ships in more detail. Now for the hands on part: the painting. For this project I dived into oil paints for the first time, trying to achieve a […]

Battlefleet Gothic Necron Escorts

Just a week after the relaunch a virus got me, basically preventing me from any further posts for the past two weeks. In future there will be a few gap filler posts for sure for these situations, but as of now let’s try to get back on schedule. The next addition to the Necron fleet […]

Mighty empires take on the darkness between the stars

What better way to reignite the engine of this blog than going back to the roots and sparking some Battlefleet Gothic nostalgia. But before we get started a few words to the new content concept. In contrast to – let’s call them the olden days – I will focus a bit more on inspiration, thoughts […]

Reanimation protocols started

After a few years of silence I am about to reanimate this site again, serving as my visual memory of my hobby backlog and giving some Specialist Game madness back to the community. Having been highly career focused since my last actual update and mostly busy painting various commissions since, writing, photographing and painting just […]

Age of Sigmar – The master awoken

It is time to finish the Undead for the Age of Sigmar and get all on display. The centerpiece of the army is the Nightbringer, standing in for some undead warlord.  

Age of Sigmar

A last addition to the foot soldiers of the undead, as far as the term is suitable in this case, three more bases of Spirit Hosts have been added.

Age of Sigmar – New horrors arise

Having had a hard time getting any work on new posts done recently, I am pleased to present a major update today: Three more bases of Spirit Hosts and a Cairn Wrath have been added to the force. As for recent posts, the table, and scenery of my local GW are providing the epic set up […]

Age of Sigmar – Banshee

Today I am pleased to show you the Banshee and some more Spirits. The model was fantastic to paint and I might check if there is any conversion for my Mechanicum army, the model is suitable for.

Age of Sigmar – Undead

Today I can finally present, what kept me busy for the last few weeks. As mentioned, I had another painting commission on my table. Inspired by my Epic Dark Eldar army, a similar colour scheme had to be adapted for a small Age of Sigmar army of Spirit Hosts and Characters, lead by the Nightbringer […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Dark Eldar revamped

It has been a while since my last post for a multitude of reasons. One of which is a painting commission, that consumes my entire hobby time at this point. Thus I thought it would be a nice idea to put some pics of my repainted Dark Eldar fleet up. This was the very first […]

Epic Armageddon – Iron Hands Super heavy tank

Moving from the armies tactical and strategical centrepiece to some serious firepower. Superheavy tanks were omnipresent during the Horus Heresy and especially Iron Hands made fair use of those engines of destruction. Having a potent tank and titan hunter incorporated in the army, made me want to display this centrepiece properly. Mounted on a large […]

Epic Armageddon – Iron Hands Iron Father

Any Epic army deserves a proper HQ. Thus I have been sorting out bitz from my chaotic bits box matching a Mechanicum/Space Marine 6mm hero. I found a handful of tubes and pipes, some searchlights and parts of the Skitarii sprue. Additionally, I found some old Necron spine parts – leftovers of my Epic Necron […]

Epic Armageddon – Iron Hands Scouts

For any Space Marine Army, scouts provide a vital element in army composition. Points efficient, cheap activation upping units, being able to deny parts of the battlefield to the enemy. By aggressive tactics, they may force an enemy to either evade them or waste an expensive unit on engaging them whereas other more valuable targets […]

Epic Armageddon – Whirlwinds

Today something vintage: Old school Heresy Whirlwinds. I simply love those ancient sculpts and they do look fantastic, yet a bit top heavy, given the actual missile battery is roughly the size of the entire hull. In game, I have mixed feelings about whirlwinds. They are rather area denial than an actual offensive weapon, as they […]

Dystopian Wars – Covenant of Antarctica Fleet Display

It is finally done: Years after purchasing the dystopian wars fleet and starting to paint them, they are finally all depicted in this gallery, online on my blog. At times I wasn’t entirely sure if I would ever complete the project, but I am pleased to see how the battle-torn forces of the Covenant of Antarctica […]


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