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Battlefleet Gothic – Carnage cruisers

Todays addition to the fleet is a pair of Carnage class cruisers. In game I enjoy these bad boys particularly because of their speed and punch, paired with fairly low point costs. At 165 of which, these can buff up your numbers and deliver some intense close range firepower.

Battlefleet Gohic – Idolator and Iconoclast escorts

A happy new year everyone, that was 2020 and boy was it a year. Despite all the horrendous stuff that was going on in politics and the all-encroaching pandemic, it was a remarcable year in the sense of how much free time I managed to spend on my beloved hobby. From 2nd hand market prices […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Styx heavy cruiser and more infidel escorts

Aaaand, welcome inbetween the years. I hope y’all had a good Christmas. As a warm up to a slightly different kind of a new year – in many parts of the globe in partial or full lockdown – I want to share this addition to the forces of Chaos: A Styx class heavy cruiser and […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Murder class cruiser and infidel escorts

Hello, good day and merry Christmas folks. Todays update is a squadron of infidel escorts and a Murder class cruiser. The Murder is a divisive cruiser. On one hand it delivers a potent strength 10 battery to each side, backed up by a strength 2, 60 cm dorsal lance for a good mid range damage […]

Battlefleet Gothic – asteroids and space stations

Todays Xmas-update is some terrain goodness. Nothing serious, but a neat visual touch up. When I first got back into BFG earlier this year, the boxed set came with the vast array of Chaos ships, I am currently rolling out here on Gemana. Aside of them, there was a collection of home made asteroids. all […]

Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh ‘eavy addition and army showcase

All good things come in pairs they say. This rings especially true, if applied to hulking trash cans with plenty of dakka and rocket engines in the back. As the last addition to the Ork Airwaagh (for now) this calls for an army showcase. I hope you enjoyed the short but crisp journey on the […]

Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh Fighta Bommer support

Today’s small addition to the force is another Fighta Bommer. I can’t stretch enough, how much I love the individual sculpts Games Workshop has put out. In particular compared to the mostly uniform looking Imperial counterparts.

Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos rising, Idolators

Time for the next project in line. When I bought back in to Battlefleet Gothic earlier this year, I started collecting Chaos models from various sources. Luckily I managed to get a copy of the original boxed set including plenty of original escorts in blisters as well as cruisers and a battleship to start with. […]

Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh ‘eavy dakka

More akin to a flying fortress, even Imperial Marauders don’t have the staying power of Ork ‘eavy Bommers and Grot Bommers. Now, I don’t know if it’s just me or if there is some sort of 60s lobster vibe to the overall design, but I absolutely love it. It reminds me of the aesthetics of […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Necron Cairn Tombship and Fleet Display

The dynasties flagship has risen from the desolate desert sands of the tomb world. Leading the vessels of the immortal Necrons against foes beyond the stars, his aeon lasting reign will endure. Phaeron Atun sits in his throne on the command bridge of the Cairn class vessel. Motionless. Sunken in deep thoughts. As the engines […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Necron Scythe class and escorts

The third Scythe class is ready for battle. With three further Jackal escorts, the battlegroup reaches a formidable strength. Next up is the glorious centrepiece for the fleet: the mighty tomb ship.

Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh Fighta Bommer

If Dakkajets are the agile, albeit slightly unpredictable backbone of the Orkish Airwaaagh, the Fighta Bommers are for sure the mighty Choppa, that tears through enemy formations. About as armed as Imperial Thunderbolt fighters, yet even more heavily armed, these fellas pack a punch where needed. Personally I put most of my eggs in one […]

Battlefleet Gothic – Necrons More Escorts

Todays Update involves more than just one addition. This is the second Scythe class harvester vessel, alongside a Dirge class escort and three Jackal class escorts. For the dinasty!

Aeronautica Imperialis – Ork Airwaaagh takes to the skies

Before we continue with BfG, it is time to start the Airwaaagh. First off: Aeronautica Imperialis is a great game. Usually, when Games Workshop releases boxed games I tend to be a bit sceptical. All too often in past decades these games were mere vehicles to drive model sales. I think we all still shiver […]

Battlefleet Gothic Necron Light Cruiser

With todays update we’re back on schedule. Aside of a new ship, the Shroud-class light cruiser, we are also taking a look at how I painted the ships in more detail. Now for the hands on part: the painting. For this project I dived into oil paints for the first time, trying to achieve a […]

Battlefleet Gothic Necron Escorts

Just a week after the relaunch a virus got me, basically preventing me from any further posts for the past two weeks. In future there will be a few gap filler posts for sure for these situations, but as of now let’s try to get back on schedule. The next addition to the Necron fleet […]


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