Battlefleet Gothic – Demiurg Fleet completed


Hey guys,

here are some photos of my completed Demiurg fleet. Even though Forgeworld originally intended the ships to fly the other way around, my mind really resisted to accept that. In consequence I simply painted some bridge like windows on the ships and keep the modeled bridge counting as backward hangars. I hope you enjoy what you see.


3 thoughts on “Battlefleet Gothic – Demiurg Fleet completed

    1. Haha, I actually would, if I still owned that fleet. As a matter of fact I sold them about two odd years ago. The only remaining ship was converted into a Mechanicum Manufactorum capital ship for my last remaining BFG fleet. If you are looking for some new BFG fleets, I sometimes do commission fleets, or you might find replacements on Shapeways. Does that help? 🙂


      1. Not really i´m looking for Demiurg Ships to complete my BFG Collection Beside the Demiurg there are only 10 Other Miniatures missing, mostly Orbital Defenses…

        But thanks for the Answer.


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