Necromunda – Battle report


Hey guys,

as promised here is a short summary of what happened during todays Necromunda introduction game. It has been just a short skirmish game so no campaign intentions were behind creating the lists.

My mate had a Gangboss with sword and bolt pistol, several Gangers with lasguns, laspistols and grenades each and two Juves with laspistols and grenades. My list included a Gangboss with ccw and laspistol, a heavy with heavy stabber (who did nothing for the whole game -.-) a specialist with flamer (quite disappointing as well), two gangers with lasguns and close combat weapon, two gangers with automatic rifles, laspistols and ccw, and six gangers with automatic rifles and ccw.

Additionally every gang was supported by a ratskin and scum, to try out the rules and make the game an even one. The table itself was around one square metre in total and had lots of buildings and bridges, barrels etc. Therefore I would like to thank our lokal GW-Store for supporting us with the additional table.

Here first shots of the set up:


IMG_9113 IMG_9114


Don´t be irritated as we changed the scenery a little before starting with turn one.

The first two turns each of us just moved he gangers towards the centre of the table. My mate forgot the possibility to “run”, so he was quite slow. Meanwhile he was crawling slowly but steady towards my Gang, I totally missed his black primed heavy coming around the corner of a building on the very table edge. Because of that he could set overwatch the next turn and started suppressing my gangers (repeating nearly every turn).

IMG_9124IMG_9115      IMG_9122   IMG_9125

He split his gang into two parts. The smaller group led by his gang boss manned a large building close to the centre of the gaming table. To counter that foray, I sent two gangers with lasguns, my ratskin and the scum around the corner. During the next three turns our gangers fought each other in firefight. Even though my people were in lower terrain and not that covered my strong walls I managed to gun his guys down and killed two of them after two turns.


While the fight turned to my favour in that area of the table, my firebase was really in trouble due to his heavy and the closing enemy gangers starting to throw grenades. Luckily I forgot to move one of my covered flamers for two turns. Luckily because while I forgot that guy, my opponent forgot about him either. In consequence he was able to unleash hell in the next turn and covered three models with burning Prometheum. Sadly the result was truly disappointing. The ratskin escaped the flames due to his special abilities, on one guy I failed to hit and the other one got only a flesh wound. In respond the enemy gangers knocked out two of my own gangmenbers and suppressed the rest.

 IMG_9123 IMG_9130   IMG_9133


In the following turn my mate managed to kill my specialist with flamer. I saw myself in trouble until I luckily killed his gang boss thereafter. Followed by a lot of suppressed gangers, he decided to call the game a win for me and surrendered unconditionally. What a glorious day.










Recalling the game

It was a really exciting game, even though I made some terrible mistakes in the first turns (e.g. my heavy had absolutely no impact on the game). I found the Juves in my opponents gang a waste of points although I see a lot of use or them in real campaign games. For now I have to decide for which gang my selfmade models should stand for. Necromunda is supposed to get much deeper, ehen connectiong the single games to missions and a whole campaign set up. Never the less its a lot of fun even to have just a skirmish game and easy to handle in one up to two hours. I hope you enjoyed the first impressions for more to follow.




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