Epic : Armageddon – Tanks


Armoured formations advance into no-mans land.

Here are some shots of my newest arrivals. A Hydra flak-support and two tank companies for my imperial guard armies. They are all in the same grey, to fit multiple lists like Death Korps, Steel Legion and Minervans with one set of miniatures. As you can see, they are all conversions. The Hydras are based on old plastic Whirlwinds, plastic auto cannons with cut-off barrels and exchanged with four thin Polystyrol sticks. The Leman Russ companies contain three conversions based on the old Ork-Gunwagons (plastic as well). The barrels were cut down to match those of the old 2nd edition Leman Russes. The tank hunters guns were cut out of an old double-gun turret and glued to the front. I really like how they turned out after painting. At least it makes clear, where Orks get their battlewagons from.




Command Tank


Tank Hunter


Leman Russ


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