Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squats


Hey guys, 

before my upcoming exams drive me crazy I intend to give you as much epicness as I can. Therefore I sscratched a lot of models for my Chaos-themed Squat army. In detail:

2 Goliath Megacannons

2 Leviathans

2 Overlords (still in construction)

1 Land Train

1 Cyclops Automaton (formerly built for my now R.I.P. Ad. Mech. army)

To avoid too much talking I rather go for some pics. Just in case you are curious, how I did those models: My camera filmed some important steps of creating a Leviathan. It will be part of the next video in the next weeks. Cheers.


Leviathan 1&2

Goliath Megacannons & Land Train

Goliath Megacannons & Land Train


Thunderfire Cannons (larger guns necessary?)


Cyclops Automaton


Work in progress pic

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