Squat battle report 1 – 2K vs. Space Marines

This is the first battle report for my yesterday completed chaos themed Squat army. As the current army list (Thurgrims Stronghold 1.5) is still experimental I will try to give some constructive feedback for the taccom community later.

The Squat list:

Warrior Brotherhood

Grand Warlord


Warriors in Rhinos


Warriors in Rhinos

Space Marines

Tactical (Supreme Commander, 1 Land Raider, 1 Vindicator, 2 Razorbacks)

Devastator (2 Land Raider, 1 Hunter)

Whirlwinds (1 Hunter)

Scouts (2 Razorbacks)




1st Turn

The Space Marines won initiative (surprise) and the Whirlwinds kill one Rhino and two Warrior stands.


In return the Overlords attack the Whirlwinds and whip them out completely.


The Space Marines Supreme Commander advances and fires on the Overlords, inflictin two points of damage but luckily no critical.


In consequence the Leviathan uses the Overlord given Spotter ability to fire indirect at the Devastators, managing to kill one Land Raider, the Hunter and a single Devastator stand. (Here we forgot, that Squats can move and fire indirect through the Spotter ability)


The Devastators rally.

The Warrior formation in Rhinos advances and  fires at the enemies Supreme Commander – without much success.


In return the Space Marines manage to shoot at them, inflicting just a single blast marker for shooting.

The third Warrior Squat advances and fires at the Scout formation, killing one stand.


Second Turn

The Space Marines win the initiative and their Supreme Commander squad sustains fire and kills one Overlord. Retaining the initiative, the teleported Terminators sustain their fire at the Overlord. Nothing serious happens,


In return, the Leviathan manages to kill two terminator stands. The remaining Overlord returns the initiative and kills a Rhino and a Razorback (Sup. Comm. formation).


The Space Marine Scouts fire at one Warrior formation on the left side of the table, managing to kill one stand.


Sustaining fire, the Warriors kill two Scout stands.

Third turn

The Supreme Commanders unit inflicts one point of Damage at the remaining Overlord. The retaining Devastators try to bring the flying war engine down, but their weapons are too weak to breach the hull.

Only a view damaged units remaining, the Space Marine surrenders with no chance to overwhelm my mighty Squat war engines.

Thoughts and critics

Even though its just my second game with Squats, I have to admit, that the war engines, especially the Overlord seem to be overpowered. I thing 250points are way too cheap for the mindf**ing lot of firepower and armour they deliver. Especially the Spotter ability makes MW-Barrage weapons incredibly effective  and takes all challenge and fun out of the game.

As mentioned, this was just the second game with Squats. To test the fairness and balance of the list, we decided to give it a second try. Then without any war engines. Is the balance issue based on the war engines, or the whole list?

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