Squat battle report 2 – 2k vs. Space Marines in progress

So, here is my second battle report for today. As mentioned in the first one, we were play testing the current Squat list (Thurgrimms Stronghold v. 1.5). During our first game we could not avoid the feeling of Squat war engines being too overpowered. To prove wether or not our suggestions were true, we decided to fight another game. This time, war engines were not allowed. Having a look on my possible list choices, I felt a hard time coming for my Squats. Never the less, the game ended unexpectedly.


Warriors (Grand Warlord, Thunderer)


Biker (2 Trikes)

Biker (2 Trikes)

Iron Eagles


Thudd Guns

Space Marines

Land Raider

Tactical (Hunter, Sup. Comm., Vindicator, 2 Razorbacks)

Land Speeder

Tactical (+Dreadnought)

Devastator (Razorback + Hunter)

Turn 1


Unexpected but amazing I won Initiative in turn one. Therefore my Thudd Guns killed three Land Speeders, breaking the formation. I tried to retain, but failed. So my Iron eagles were only in range for their Battlecannons, inflicting only one blast marker.


The Predators advance in cover of a hill in the very centre of the table.


The small Warrior Brotherhood advance in cover towards the mission target on the left.


The Space Marine Supreme Commander advances and attacks the Squat Bikes, breaking the formation.

My own Supreme Commander advances with his large Warrior Brotherhood and attacks the tactical squad supported by the Dreadnought, inflicting three kills.

The Tactical marshals, remooving all blast markers.

IMG_9304  IMG_9306

The second Squat bike formation tries to engage the enemies Supreme commander, but fails to get into close combat range. The mistake is repaid by loosing the engagement dramatically, with only three survivors, running for cover behind the large building on the upper right of the table.

The Land Raider double and shoot at the Iron Eagles, managing to kill one of them. The Devastators retain the initiative and shoot at the Iron Eagles, breaking them.

Turn 2

The Iron Eagles and Bikes rally, the second bike formation does not. The Space Marine Predators remove their blast marker.

Space Marines win the initiative and their Devastators gun the Iron Eagles down to a single one. The Land Raider advance against the central Brotherhood, wiping almost all Rhinos.

The Thudd Guns fire, but do no damage to anything.


The Predators advance and kill the remaining Rhino of the central Warrior Brotherhood.


The Tacticals supported by the Dreadnought engage my Supreme Commander and get wiped out. In return my Supreme Commanders unit goes on overwatch.


The Space Marines Supreme Commander annihilates one of the Bikers formations.

My robots move forward, destroying a single Predator.

Turn 3

Except for the Thudd Guns (1BM) all other blast markers were removed and units rallied. For the Space Marines, only one blast marker remained (Land Speeders).

The Predators sustain fire and kill two Thudd Guns. Retaining Land Raiders manage to kill three robots, breaking the formation.


The poor corpses of formerly strong Biker guilds attack enemy formations, inflicting no damage at all.

The remaining Iron Eagle sustains fire against the Space Marine Supreme Commander – quite unsuccessful.


The Devastators engage the remaining bikes, exterminating them. The Land Raiders retain initiative and break the Iron Eagle.


The Squat Warrior Brotherhood in the centre sustains fire and destroys all Predators.

Turn 4


Space Marines win the initiative again, annihilating the last Iron Eagle. The retaining devastators go on overwatch.

The Thudd Guns destroy another Land Speeder, which withdrawals towards the central mission objective.

Land Raiders go on Overwatch as well.

The Squat Supreme commander leaves care of the left objective to the “hands” of the Thudd Gun formation and marches towards the central objective.

The central placed Warrior Brotherhood engages the Land Raiders, breaking the formation. At this moment the Squats have major losses, but holding two objectives. Thereafter the last Land Speeder rallies against all odds and makes the game a tie.


The problems of the Squat list concerning balancing seem to be based on the overpowered war engines. Things like Spotter and, at least in my opinion, too cheap Overlords inflict some serious balancing problems that need to be solved.


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