Epic : Armageddon – Scenery completed

Hey guys,

Here are the pics from my new ruins. Rubble was added, as well as some pigments and decals. Every ruin is telling a story. In one ruin there is a little office room on the highest level, or a tank factory with graffiti in an edge. There is also a little chapel with a giant statue in there and some other small things to make the ruins sth. special. With everything I spent attention on making scenery still playable, so rubble etc. are decent to make it easier for infantry stands to be placed on the different levels. I added some shots of my already scratched scenery as well. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Scenery completed

  1. Maybe I find some time and lighting equipment to describe what I did, once XMAS closes in. Basically all you need is some sort of ruins, various plastic card sheets as well as some bitz for details and plastic card -sticks and -t-grider. All the additional details, such as the crene etc were made from these.


      1. Haha, actually I just started on a short video last week – just not finding the time to complete it unfortunately. Not forgotten 😉


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