Necromunda – New terrain?


Foto by Mantic Games – all rights by their respective owners – used without permission

Hey guys,

while browsing the web searching for interesting new game systems to go for I had finally a slightly deeper look into Deadzone from Mantic Games. It is some sort of fusion in between a proper tabletop game and a board game. Next Week I am going to have a demo game and report a little bit more about details, but so far I am quite impressed by the scenery made by Mantic. Essentially it reminds a lot at the old Necromunda sets, long since gone, except they are made completely out of plastic. Thanks to connecting parts, there is no need to glue anything at all. Furthermore rubble parts will be sold in close future as well, making it very suitable for standard SciFi, as well as grim dark Necromunda as well. Adding a relative low cost of 24GBP for one set, It seems to be quite interesting. Sure, there is also some suitable scenery by Spartan Games and some others, but those are more suitable for Infinity. 


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