Epic : Armageddon – New Eldar Titans


Hey guys, finally I am back from Vietnam and managed to take some photos of my titan clan reinforcements. The Phantom Titans are the solid core of the Titan clan and will push the army to more than 6000 points. Aside of this little update I will give the titan clan a separate Page here on this blog. I like especially the contrast between the Eldar colour scheme and the dirty brownish and rusty colours of the battlefield-scenery.




2 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – New Eldar Titans

  1. Hey just found the website. Very nice work btw! I’m a long time Epic fan and I was wondering where you found the minis? Or are they old ones newly painted?


    1. All the old metal ones manufactured by GW. Found most of them on eBay. Back in the days when epic was still sold by GW, prices were kinda modest and Ebay wasn’t flooded with recasts.


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