Epic : Armageddon – DKOK reinforcements


Here just some small reinforcements. Having played with proxies throughout the last games I want to avoid further confusion with Thudd guns and heavy mortars. The conversions themselves are quite simple. Based on the original plastic chassis of the Squat Thudd gun and with cutting off any gun barrels of the original model, two pieces of different sized polystyrene pipes were glued together as new mortar gun barrel. A single issue remains, as for all single artillery pieces in my DKOK-army. The guns look slightly boring. As my army colour scheme is dark grey with metal and red lights to bring the whole thing alive, but guns are missing any light sources I have no idea how to push them to a better overall look. Any advice is very welcomed.


Tactics wise I prefer heavy mortars instead of Thudd guns, though their maximum range is more limited. Never the less it is quite nice to deliver one or two blast templates to your enemy and being able to hurt vehicles as well. As the Thudd gun is limited to very nice but exclusive anti-infantry support, I found myself without proper targets for those in a couple of games. This is basically because our games tend to be quite mechanised and light vehicles are mostly rare, non mechanised formations hardly occur at all.

Light support batteries get some options aside of which gun variant you chose. In larger games with unknown enemy and a more static play style I prefer taking at least one or two heavy mortar formations and one Thudd gun formation. Especially against Orcs, Thudd guns have the ability to save your day. Having in mind, that indirect fire allows to double the range of your guns and getting a +1 modifier for the activation roll, makes light artillery very nice for all low initiative/low strategy armies. But even with doubled range, especially heavy mortars need to get close to enemy lines if you want to force your opponent into specific areas of the table. That brings us to equipment options of light support batteries. One would be Trojan carrier, the other would be 20cm of trenches. First of all: Light support artillery counts as infantry with no movement speed at all. That means it gets a nice bonus for being in cover, but needs vehicles like the Trojan to relocate during the game. That offers two different strategies.

The first would be using Trojans to get more ablative points and laying blast markers first on the supporting vehicles instead of your useful artillery. Note that Infantry gets a cover save for being in direct contact with a vehicle! If you chose to go for the latter, it means you have to deploy your light artillery in your own deployment zone.

The second strategy is way more aggressive and is especially useful if you use synergies with garrisoning infantry and further trench works. Place the Thudd guns/heavy mortars in some terrain in garrison close to the central line of the table. 60cm range should be enough to cover large areas of the table (note it os 60cm in every direction, so 120cm in diameter). If you don´t wanna lose your artillery then, you need essentially some supporting formations, to bring the war to your enemies lines.

If you have some expertise with Death Korps armies in Epic:Armageddon, feel free to post your thoughts to Thudd guns and Heavy Mortars in the comments down below. I am going to write more about the DKOK tactics, as soon as I get the remaining parts of my army done.


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