BFG – battle report – Chaos vs. Eldar

In a distant system in the eastern spiral arm the Craftworld Sri´lan Kha is floating through the silence of space. Far, distant suns are glowing a million klicks away, covering the arcs and towers of the Craftworld in a slightly red light. The Farseer Saldrath looked into the the distant of space giving himself to visions of strings of fortune affecting the future of his people. Suddenly a painful impression brought him back into reality. an unholy sun was consuming the entire Craftworld. Saldrath called for an aspect warrior nearby. “Prepare the fleet – dawn is coming for us”. The warrior turned immediately contacting the Autarch to prepare the fleet to sail. Thousand kilometers away the reality broke, while a warp gate opened. A highly armed fleet of the Order of Dawn entered real space, prepared to raid nearby colonies of man. If they discovered the Craftworld, a serious treat for the Craftworld might occur.


Set up:

The fleets – 1,5k

Ruleset: Update 2010

Table: 1,20m x 1,20m


Order of Dawn

Styx heavy cruiser, Chaos Lord, Mark of Nurgle

2x Carnage class cruisers

2x Slaughter class cruisers

1x Slaughter class daemon ship with mark of Slaanesh

3x Idolator raiders


Eldar fleet

1x Void Stalker, Autarch

2x Shadow class cruisers

4x Hemlock destroyers

4x Hemlock destroyers

4x Nightshade destroyers

4x Nightshade destroyers



1st turn – Eldar win initiative

The Eldar fleet draw closer and launch a first torpedo salvo to force the chaos fleet into specific corridors of the gaming table. A typical Move for Eldar: withdrawl towards their table edge. With no targets in range the chaos fleet tries to get out of the way of any torpedo salvo closing in.



2nd turn 

the Eldar move forward again and launch a second salvo, trying to dictate the direction of movement of the chaos fleet. The Eldar retreat. The only remaining option for the chaos fleet is to advance and try to get rid of the torpedoes, but not managing to destroy any of the salvos the Styx launches dome attack craft to protect the cruisers from incoming ordonance.



3rd turn

The Eldar change their tactics into a more aggressive play style and advance in the shadow of the planet, preparing for a fast and deadly hit in the next turn. Sadly they underestimated the speed of the Slaughter class cruisers and the Idolators. Those lock on and surround the planet, getting in range of the Eldar Escorts. Ten escort vessels blow up in flames. A successful strike for the Chaos fleet, even though they are in close range of the remaining cruisers and escorts in turn four. To prevent any serious Eldar maneuvers a Daemon ship enters real space nearby.





Turn 4

The Daemon Ship causes a -3 penalty to Eldar moral. Never the less no special maneuvers are required to blow up one of the Slaughter cruisers this turn. The Eldar break the Chaos front and get their remaining fleet in their back. The Chaos fleet in return tries to get their prows into the right direction again and turnround. Fire against the Eldar cruisers cause some serious damage and break both cruisers solar sails, slowing them down dramatically.










Turn 5

The Eldar try to escape and regroup nearby an asteroid field on my table edge. Never The less they turn out to be still in range of the Slaughter cruiser, which blows up another escort squadron. Chaos ships lock on , The Styx and Carnages try to get into weapon range. The left behind Vaoidstalker – exposed by a poor maneuver of the Eldar Autarch, gets blown up by those, leaving just a glowing mass behind. The Eldar fleet is now seriously damaged.




Turn 6

The Eldar try to launch a last assault, regrouping close to the planet. A miscalculation brings them in range of the Chaos ships again. Poor luck. Additional casualities during the Chaos counter attack force the Eldar general to withdrawl from the battlefield, hoping the forces of Chaos won´t detect the Craftworld.



 Reflecting the game

Somehow time passed by very quickly. My last BFG game is almost one year ago. Being busy with lots of Epic stuff throughout the last year, somehow I found myself completely run out of practical game experience. The same for my opponent. Never the less I was enjoying the game as much as in my memories. The playstyle is definitely different to Epic, allowing you different tactics, but require a different way of thinking as well. It took me some time to get back into it. Most significant: I forgot to brace for impact every single time. Anyway a cool game and I am pleased to finally have fielded my Chaos fleet once, though I prefer the play style of Dark Eldar Fleets much more. Taking some photos was a snap decision, so no video this time. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the short summary of the game. I am going to spend some thoughts on my fleets composition in the next weeks, having a closer look on all available ships. I will share my thoughts here on my blog for sure.

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