Epic : Armageddon – Tournament in Berlin

Hey guys,

has been a while since my last proper update here. The reason was an insane amount of painting for a tournament here in Berlin last Weekend. I found myself getting all the Infantry and cavalry for my DKOK done up to a playable level, with all the detailing work still waiting to be done -.-

Painting up such a mass of infantry can be quite frustrating and the last days of my passed holidays I could not manage to get myself motivated enough to paint at all. Down below you can see most of the armies on that tournament, as well as some shots of my DKOK. 

My short feedback to the tournament: Just awesome. I found out so many small mistakes we have made in our small local group here and am pretty sure to play E:A 100% correct now, thanks to the guys over there. The terrain was lovely, set up fair and clear and we had four exciting games on two days in the stunningly cool SIEMENS area in the very north of Berlin. It would be a great pleasure to meet even more people over there for the next tournament, end of this or next year. In total: strongly recommendable!

Enough words have been written for now. Enjoy the pics.




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