Dropzone Commander – Scenery shots and Epic preview

Topic I – DZC scenery


Owning a huge collection of Scenery for my Epic games, I wanted to try some combination with Dropzone Buildings, after my third game of DZC today. A quick set up and some shots to prove, that a little amount of 3D scenery pushes the overall look of the paper buildings a lot, whereas those add a multitude of colours, you would never be able to paint yourself. By coincidence the look of the table is a bit “Command & Conquer” -ish… at least in some manner. What really points out, just to persuade all those cardboard scenery-haters out there: The whole scenery cost – including acrylic paint – was just round about 50€ (!) which is a bargain for tabletop games, so to say. I really don´t wanna advertise for anybody here, but hell, get started with that lovely game – well done Hawk btw.



Topic II – Epic preview

Her another preview by the way. Make an educated guess what this is going to be in a couple of weeks…



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