Epic : Armageddon – Battle Report


Today we fought two battles – AMTL vs. Eldar Titan Clan. I have never played against an Eldar Titan clan before and have to say game dynamic changes a lot with two titan forces. We only took photos from the first game, although I am going to give you a short summary of game 2 as well.

The forces:



Quake Cannon, 2 Turbolaser Destructor, Carapace Multi-Lasers


2 Volcano Cannon, Support Missile, Legate, Carapace Multi-Lasers


4 Sentinels


3 Plasma Blast-gun, Vulcan Megabolter


3 Vulcan Megabolter, Plasma Blast-gun


2 Thunderbolts


2 Thunderbolts


Phantom Titan, Wraithseer

Phantom Titan

Revenant Titans



Wind Raider Troupe



  1. Set Up.

Objectives were placed all across the table, as well as the scenery which made it quite difficult to make use of the 60+cm range of most of my titan weapons. The AMTL Forces were focussed around the centre of my deployment zone, one pair of war hounds on the right flank to counter my enemies garrisoning Rangers as fast as possible and to bring down his activations asap. Except for the Rangers my opponent mirrored my deployment and started off with turn one.

1st turn

The first turn began with the Eldar taking the Initiative and attacking the Sentinels with their Nightwings. A short but brutal raid annihilated all of them but brought the Nightwings deep into the imperial airspace, out of Eldar anti-air covered ground.


In Return the Warhounds moved around a large building, vaporising the Eldar scouts in the ruin close to my deployment zone. Other opportunities would have forced me to get dangerously close to the Eldar titans. As I was not used to larger Eldar titans and had no Idea of their fire power, taking on the Rangers was an easy choice.


Countering my Warhounds the Eldar Revenant Titans crossed the table, using their jump packs and landed on top of the ruined building. Even though nothing serious happened, as the Void Shields soaked up all the incoming fire.


Retaining the initiative, the Eldar wind raiders took position in cover of the large Administratum building on the other side of the table.


Now it was about time for imperial Thunderbolts to attack the Nightwings. The first of two pairs launched an attack against the Eldar fighters, managing to destroy a single one.


Next up one of the Phantom titans took position close to the table centre.

The second pair of thunderbolts started an attack against the Eldar fighters, without inflicting any damage.


On imperial Side the remaining pair of Warhounds doubled and managed to do some damage on the Revenants.


There after, the Reaver titans closed in as well, managing to destroy a single Revenant titan and damaging the second, breaking the formation. The Carapace Multi-Lasers managed to take out another Eldar fighter, before all aircraft went off the table.


2nd turn

AMTL won initiative and the Warhounds tried to attack the closest Phantom titan. All the damage was prevented by the holo shields. In return the Phantom engaged the Warhounds, destroying both of them in turn two of the engagement.


Next up the Fighter formations went on CAP, except for the second Thunderbolt formation, which failed to activate at all. Hence as an act of revenge for the loss of the Warhounds, the Reavers tried to launch an assault against the closing Phantom titans.


Again any potential damage of Volcano Cannons, Warp field missiles and Laser Blasters caused no damage at all, avoided by excellent rolls for the Holo-shields. The second Phantom titan engaged one of the Reavers then, destroying it in firefight. The second troupe of Eldar Rangers advanced into the central ruin close to the objectives, denying them against an easy grab in turn three.


The second pair of Warhounds moved closer to the city center then. Actually things went unexpectedly bad from turn two on, that I forgot to take further photos. Lucky me at least the Ravager titans had failed to rally.

3rd turn

Eldar won initiative, activating the Wind Raiders to take one of my objectives. The remaining Reaver tried to attack one of the Phantom Titans. Being out of range for an engagement the usually devastating firepower disappeared into nothing due to the Holofields. The Eldar anti-air bubble dominated the majority of the table now, forcing me to activate the last pair of Warhounds. The Eldar Ranger in the central ruin were still holding both of the objectives, at least denying them for me. The shooting thereafter was not successful. The situation was a disaster. There was no chance at all to capture at least one objective, whereas the Eldar were holding already two (one normal and my blitz objective). Aside of that half of my army was destroyed. We called it a solid victory for the Eldar, and played another game thereafter, with different set up.


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