Dystopian Wars – Covenant of Antarctica


Hey guys,

the last days I had some time during the evenings to get some painting experience with my new airbrush as well as some tries on a salt-weathering technique. As I am affright of ruining my formerly converted and base coated Knights for Epic, the descision to go for some relatively cheap DW-models first, was an easy one. I intend to collect as much experience and knowledge throughout the painting process, to avoid any mistakes with my beloved Knights later on.

Now some thoughts on the painting and weathering techniques. First off: The Evolution double-action from Harder & Steenbeck is just kick-ass. Much easier to handle than I expected at first, it is a real pleasure to get phenomenal thin but well covering coats of colour on the models. Aside of that I have rarely had a better covering and smooth white on any of my models ever before. The Salt weathering worked also relatively well. There were some parts, where the salt can´t be removed without stripping off all the colour beneath. These areas got some sort of betony-ish consistency and I have no clue why. If any of you have an idea why, I would be pleased to hear your suggestions on that.

Next thing to come are mainly all the metal parts to get painted before moving on to OSL all the windows and energy guns. Furthermore I was thinking of giving some rust grains to the armour plates, though the whole fleet might look a bit too dilapidated in the end. What I want is a smart mix, between the progressive COA design, futuristic lighting effects and a clean but weather worn paint scheme, that gives a good guess on what the fleet had to suffer throughout their last missions during the dystopian wars.

Here are more pics, enjoy:




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