Battlefleet Gothic – Tyranid Commission

Hey mates,
I know it has been quite some time since my last update here. The reason was basically a top-secred Tyranid comission work for Battlefleet Gothic. Being almost done except for some details I would like to show some of the ships and scenery (around 1/3). As the bases still need tiny stars, I would like to ask everyone who is a bit more skilled with airbrushing than me, if there is a way to make your airbrush splash in controlled manner.

The overall fleet-content of the commission lot:

3 Hive Ships
4 Cruisers
6 Kraken Escorts
12 Escorts with lances

Additionally I built three infested asteroids to add some flavour to every game (and lets be honest, specific scenery is always nice). Now some pics and the whole fleet to come in the next days.




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