Beware of the Pleague

Being busy with moving three households within the last month, my posts have become minimalistic to none recently. Spending the next two months in Bangkok though I am going to purchase some Deadzone (including the starter set) and painting up as much as I can and perhaps getting some battles in as well. The game firstly dragged my attention in early March this year, especially after I got an initial trial game at Battlefield Bangkok. As the whole set did not fit my luggage back then I kept myself from buying it in Germany and let some space spare for my current trip. Call it naive or whatnot, but I think my customer loyalty belongs to the place I play šŸ˜‰

Within my luggage: new brushes, my airbrush (as some Thai guys kindly offered me to lendĀ their airbrush-compressor), pigments, a wide range of colours. I am looking forward forĀ realising, what I forgot (aside of my camera charger) XD

As you can see I am going to improvise and adapt to theĀ touristic circumstances and excited about what is going on in the next two months. Aside of that you are very much invited to share your thoughts about painting or doing hobby stuff on vacation in the comments below.



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