Gemana – background fluff translated pt. 1

Hey guys,

the first part of my background fluff translation is done. I am going to add illustrations and more parts in close future. For now, the first part of the background setting for all of my GW-based tabletop games.

“1.1 The System of Gemana

The system contains multiple Planetoids, moons and plenty of asteroid fields. All habitable planets were long since colonized by Technocracy in the early days of conquest. Thabun is the first of those three planets. It’s surface is highly hostile, though it’s surface is almost exclusively made out of usually rare metals, making mining activity almost obsolete. Furthermore it is the cradle of power of the high command of Thabun and bears the highest population, multiple star ports. Grounded in the deepest levels of it’s macropols, the tall towers reach into orbit, connecting with the huge star ports, allowing massive fleets to connect directly with urbanized hubs, making docking actions and cargo transport highly efficient. Sarin is the second habitable planet with a flourishing eco system, making it the technocratic  breadbasket. The last of the three planets is Soman. Lacking rare resources and with everything but optimal environmental parameters, it’s purpose is delivering a vast military playground for weapon development and training facilities.

Being a binary system, the centre of Gemana is formed by a duo of black stars. Adepts of Technocracy commonly believe, to find the reason for warp anomalies in interaction of the two black gods circling around each other for eons. Created by powers beyond understanding of man, time flows faster than usual, merging matter and time into a fast changing anomaly. A galactic standard year equals approximately eighty years inside the anomaly. Last but not least the anomaly is one of the most important sources of power, allowing massive compensation for otherwise relatively small manufacturing capacities.

Aside of habitable planets there are also three planetoids, actually nothing more but glowing metal spheres circling close to the black suns through the vast coldness of space. Aside of the red-purple glow of the warp anomalies around the system, those three glowing spheres are the only sources of light, painting the skies over technocratic cradle worlds in a dark glowing red. Based on asymmetrical orbits, years on each of the planets inside the system may vary massively year by year.

Beyond the three habitable main worlds, a sphere of asteroids surround the whole system alike a soldiers cuirass and marks the border between real space and the surrounding warp storms. The asteroid sphere delivers further resources and plenty of space for star bases and defense batteries against invading fleets. Additionally, hidden from human sight, a web way gate is hidden inside the asteroid sphere, which allowed Cabal of the bleeding sun in M38. to invade the system.

The only safe way for space travel is called the Gate of Gemana, a small passage, connecting the cradle worlds with the so called gatekeeper world of Bauhaus X, home of the fleet supreme command and heavily fortified, as is the whole gate itself. “

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