Today I made my first steps into digital art. To try out some blending techniques etc. I decided to create a space scenery out of scratch, in order to avoid photos of foreign sources on my blog in the future. Long story short: After multiple crashes I managed to get to this result, showing how I imagine Bauhaus X would look like, right in front of the Gate of Gemana, guarding the passage to the cradle worlds of Technocracy.

Once I get a bit better, I might add some BFG ships etc. to bring the photo slightly more alive. Here follows the next part of my background fluff:

Bauhaus X

The origins of human colonisation on Bauhaus X date back multiple hundreds of hundreds of years ago, when mankind claimed it’s rightful place in a vast and wild galaxy to rule and succeed for the next millennia. After the Empire was restored and the traitor legions fled into the Eye of Terror, Adeptus Mechanicus and imperial administration found their way back to Gemana. When the warp storms slowly approached, multiple expeditions were sent from Bauhaus X into the eye of the storm, to maintain reign over the cradle worlds. Non of the expeditions ever returned.Years later, the regime of what now is called Technocracy of Thabun, returned out of the Warp storms and took over government on Bauhaus, initiating a phase of heavy fortification. In public the new administration claimed defense of the horrors beyond the Gate of Gemana as reason for the construction of immense military defenses. After decades, official contact to the systems discontinued. Gemana was forgotten for hundreds of years and the Technocracy flourished in prosperity. Seven hundred years after the last contact with the Imperium, a young Inquisitor revealed historical documents about the System and initiates an expedition into the very hart of Gemana. Unfortunately, his journey stopped nearby the orbital bays of Bauhaus X, where his flagship exploded due to malfunction of the main engines – at least this is what the official reports say. The high lords of the Ordo Hereticus received a last transmission, just seconds before the ship blew up in flames. Yet time was given to transfer important data and visual feeds of massive shipyards and orbital defenses surrounding the planet. Never the less, the inquisitors should have been more concerned about what was hiding in the warp storms beyond the Gate of Gemana and it’s eternal guardian.


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