Deadzone – Starter set painted

Fellow readers, finally I managed to paint a whole starter set, though the scenery was taken from the set at Battlefield Bangkok. The painting process in total was a little pain, fighting against troubleshooting as the colour dried with 40°C almost immediately. Due to a storm, electricity was out for quite a while and air condition was switched off. Never the less I am happy with the overall look of scenery and miniatures, especially if considering the 5 hours for the scenery and around 14 hours for painting the Plague and Enforcers. Quite a few things went a bit wrong, yet I won’t say which at this moment. Instead I am curious to see if you guys recognise what went not exactly as wanted. Post a comment below.

First of all the fully painted Enforcers.


Here comes the Plague


And finally the starter set scenery, which I really love. For myself I purchased not only the latter, but also an urban quadrant box from Mantic Games and I am looking forward for getting it painted, as soon as I am back from Thailand. painting wise I found it pleasantly easy to vary the different module sections I built up for Battlefield Bangkok. Also the Tamya clear red blood effects worked neatly and added the typical Deadzone splatter touch with a little twinkle in ones eye.


One thought on “Deadzone – Starter set painted

  1. Set looks great! I wouldn’t want to guess what went wrong a bit hard without some close ups but the main thing is they work really well as a set love the sinister colour schemes and the turquoise/aquas of the plague is very nice change!

    Close ups please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?


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