Gemana – new Battlefleet Gothic artwork, more fluff

New week, new artwork and the next passage of the background fluff translated. Todays artwork features some Asteroids and Spaceships. In detail a Lunar-Class cruiser in the foreground and several Dominator class cruisers closer towards Thabun and it’s moon.

1.1.1 Thabun

Thabun is the cradle of power and very centre of the technocratic dominion. The night skies are illuminated by the glow of the inner plants of the system, which are spheres of molten matter close to the dark twin stars. The planet is very rich on resources, though barren and therefore everything but perfect for human life. Almost the entire food production needed to be imported before the subterranean forcing-houses, each in size of a macropole, got constructed. Since then, population grew to almost 14 billion inhabitants, working, living and dying for the subject of Technocracy. Except for a very few macropolitan peaks, cutting through the harsh and hostile surface of the planets crust, the entire human civilization on Thabun is subterranean.

Around eighty percent of the planet consist of usually rare metals. The remaining twenty percent consist of soil and stone. Material for high technology is therefore everything but rare. In fact they are more waste and side product of continuing urbanization processes. The latter are focussed towards the planets centre. The entire population lives in titanic vault cities, linked between each other in labyrinthian manner.

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