Epic : Armageddon – stripping Titan Legion

Hey mates,
finally back to good old Europe I am going to strip my Titan Legion off the annoying pink-ish colour scheme, redo all the bases and give them a proper painting.

Two years ago, when I started playing Epic, a whole bunch of titans found their way into my collection. However, our local gaming group was never too much into games with those huge war machines and when the test paintings went horribly wrong (a red colour scheme was intended), I simply< didn't care too much after all. In the end the results were appropriate for tabletop standards and so time passed by and aside of two games, all my titans waited in shelves, waiting to get reborn.

Today however I found myself facing a tournament in two weeks, and therefore it was about time to recover the god machines.

I intend to paint up the bases in a lava-ish red oxide colour, whereas the titans are going to get a bright white colour scheme, with green and blue OSL and yellow-orange-ish windows. Additionally plenty of chipping effects and weathering are going to create more detail on the surfaces.

That is so far the plan for a fortnight – let's see how far I get.
Furthermore I filmed my last Deadzone game at Battlefleet Bangkok. I will try to cut the clip in the next days to upload the battle report as soon as possible. That being said I wish all of you an amazing Friday and happy wargaming this weekend.



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