Epic : Armageddon – Imperator Titan + AMTL painted

Finally my efforts paid off. Despite the little accident with break fluid and my resin titans, that almost dissolved my whole Titan Legion, if I had not recognised it in time, the final results after painting please me a lot. There were some minor issues with some vallejo airbrush colours that had a lot of colour-lumps inside, causing adhering nozzle every few seconds. That aside everything went very fluent and somewhat unpredictable. Some people might want to plan the final painting result before they kick-off any project and so do I. However it is always pleasing if spontaneously things evolve differently and shorthand plans are reshaped and results change. In my case the original plan was to create lava bases for a strong red-white contrast. During the painting process I decided to switch the colour of metal parts from grey-ish steel to oxidised copper. Usually painting a lot in brown and grey tones, my desire for a more colourful scheme evoke. Therefore, and because I still had plenty of neon-green colour from recent projects left, I decided to switch from lava-themed bases to chemical trash mud bases. Neon green and the copper oxide created a neat green, yellowish colour spectrum. In consequence yellow windows annd blue OSL were the logic consequence.
The latter actually should have turned out way more blue, however the nozzle issues caused by the somewhat flawed Vallejo Model Air White, forced me to redo the last step of the OSL multiple times. In consequence the bright centre of the OSl started to expand. I might find myself redoing the whole lighting effect in the next months. Never the less the result is acceptable for me and considering the four afternoons required for stripping, remodeling and repainting the whole lot, I am more then pleased with the results. In close future I am going to layout some banners in order to complete the look of my titan legion. That aside, three more warlord Titans are waiting to get converted and painted as well. Maybe this is going to happen throughout my Christmas holidays. This is it for now. I am curious to field my new AMTL on Saturday in Hannover for the third time in total and as a premiere with the new colour scheme. I will report how things went for me. More photos and maybe a short film will follow tomorrow, when daylight helps me to take some better shots as well.



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