Christmas and NJE are closing in dramatically fast. Having finished my Titan Legion and moved to the German countryside means that games are getting a bit rare in the next eight months. However I am ready for the next projects to come and here is a list of what you are going to expect in the next 12 months on this blog.

Epic Armageddon

Chaos Squats by unknown

1. Legions of Hasvhat

My Chaos Squat themed army is fully primed and waiting to get painted. I am hoping to get a dark red colour scheme with some airbrush stensils and plenty of blood and lava painted on these guys. A specific scenery peace is also waiting for paint in my shelves.

artwork by beckjann @ deviantart

2. Dark Eldar – aka Onslaught Stygians

A couple of days ago I ordered my very own Christmas present, which is nothing more than a reasonable sized Dark Eldar army from Onslaught Miniatures. I am looking forward to hold these lovely designed miniatures in my hands soon. In fact I do love the casts so much, that I tolerate a bunch of metal minis in my collection. Usually an utter no go.

House Hawkshroud - Epic Armageddon Knight Household by Gemana

3. House Hawkshroud

The base colours are already panted. never the less I am a bit weary of more or less 28mm miniatures, so these will come more towards middle of the next year.

Dropzone Commander

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-09 um 22.35.46

UCM Forces

My UCM Army already got the basic camo scheme and is waiting for detail painting and metal parts. Expect them to come somewhere in between Knights and the other two Epic armies.

Dystopian Wars


My dystopian wars fleet is almost, done but requitres some OSL here and there. Nothing more than a weekend of painting, I suppose.


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