Epic Armageddon tournament in Hannover

Fellow readers, welcome to a brief series of posts dedicated to the lovely Epic Armageddon tournament in Hannover, I have been to yesterday. I would like to start, giving some impressions of the lovely painted armies and some in-game shots I collected throughout the tournament.

I played my AMTL Titan legion with the following list, facing Salamanders Space Marines, Imperial Guard Steel Legion and a Cult of Speed in three games. The centerpiece was the Warmonger Titan. Initially I thought it would be able to fire off it’s rockets indirect, though as I was told, that is not possible. In consequence the model sucked a bit and my list was clearly lacking indirect fire ability, which resulted in some serious casualties in the second game against Steel Legion. The offensive Reaver was some sort of storm trooper, being able to engage enemy formations quite effectively with two Laser Burners (adding eight attacks in close combat) and a Plasma Cannon. A pair and a single Warhound were my pest controllers, so to speak. Equipped with Inferno Guns and a single Plasma Blastgun, they brought quick death to enemy infantry on the field. The Sentinels turned out to be useful for the first time in my life, as every enemy was focussing on my titans frst, resulting in extra activations and objective grabbers in two of three games. The Thunderbolts were efficient as usual and surprisingly a lot, the Lysander fighter performed not too bad either. In retrospective, I would have exchanged the Warmonger with either an Imperator Titan or a Warlord plus another Warhound. Never the less, the Warmonger never got attacked in any game, so at least as psychological weapon it proved itself worth while.

The tournament itself was strongly recommendable and the friendly atmosphere and the huge lot of fun we had resulted in a very joyful Saturday indeed.

Here are some shots, I took randomly in between the games…
















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