Epic Armageddon – Warlord Titans and Dark Eldar

A little life sign from me, just after Christmas. My December turned out to be a nightmarish working horror trip. For the first time in years I was actually happy looking forward for Christmas and some free days afterwards. To conclude this year and to segue into the new one, I managed to paint up three Warlord titans, I bought at the tournament in Hannover. I was still missing appropriate bases, so these are not finished yet, though the titans themselves are completely painted. The weapon load out mirrors my previous Warlord Titans, which I sold some time ago. Before I start with details, some detailed shots:

Epic_Warlord Titan_rear

Epic_Warlord Titan_front

Epic_Warlord Titan_above

Here some thoughts to the different weapon types:

Artillery Titan

This guy is armed with three Quake Cannons and a CLP, which enables indirect shots at 180cm range. Three templates with Macro ability are usually enough to annihilate Deathstrike-Batteries or any kind of artillery camping in the enemies home zone. The last tournament showed me impressively how much a Titan Legion without strong indirect weaponry can suck, as most of the God Machines are excessively slow and need to react more often to enemy actions than the other way.

If one spend already a fortune on the Macro Battery Warlord, it is usually the most expensive titan in the entire force, making it the BTS. Due to the long range it is usually wise to park it somewhere in your own deployment zone near the Blitz to fight back enemy scouts trying to capture the latter and otherwise stay out of enemy fire range.

Close Combat Monsters

I’ve played only a few games with AMTL so far. Until the tournament, most of the weaponry accessible to the walking behemoths was in one way or another in my lists. Being not a big fan of gatling blasters and otherwise usually trying to get either the cheapest equipment in order to push activations, or the most expensive to erase some enemy activations per turn to level the overall activation counts, I fell in love with Plasma Cannons and Destructors. The first are slightly less powerful, but offer another pair of Sentinels or Thunderbolts, if taken on two Warlords or Reavers instead of their more powerful counterpart.

A full load out of two Plasma Destructors (12 MW2+ shots!) is usually enough to kill an enemy Reaver Titan in one turn, as far as Warhounds dropped the shields already. As I had to experience, several times, not even an Imperator Class Titan delivers enough firepower to keep the enemy from engage. Some units will always survive and get into firefight or close combat. Therefore Laser Burner and/or a close combat weapon is ace. Laser burners push the firefight load out with two, the close combat with four additional attacks a turn. Keeping in mint the CC-value of 2+, each Warlord Titan comes with, two Laser Burner do not only decrease the points value of your Warlord, but increase it’s engagement potential massively. The close combat weapon on the other hand allows to roll three TK attacks in close combat each turn, making the dedicated Warlord a fearsome enemy and potential threat even to Imperator-Class titans.

My Titan Legion will see the field of battle on 2nd of January in Berlin again and I will try some new tactics and army lists. The second day, my new Dark Eldar army will deliver pain and destruction – I am just not sure for which side…

Having said that: Here is a first group shot of my fully assembled, primed and base-coloured Dark Eldar army. The colour scheme changed from cyan to dark red, as I found some pictures of my old Warhammer 40K Dark Eldar army on my Harddrive these days and in a wave of nostalgia, the wish to recreate what was sold years ago, was brought to live.

Epic_Dark Eldar army_Onslaught Miniatures_ Stygians

In total the list should be around 8000 points. The airplanes, Titans and heavy Barges are all built out of two sets of 40K Reaver jetbikes. Infantry, barges and Taloi etc. are all from Onslaught miniatures. At this point I can truly recommend Onslaught, for the quality and details are just stunning. The designs are surprisingly unique at close, though from a few meters they make proper proxies for the Dark Kin in Epic. With two exceptions I am totally amazed by what I bought and I would definitely purchase more miniatures from Onslaught in future.

The two exceptions however are the jetbikes and the Close Combat Stygians. In these cases the designs need some minor improvements. I do not mean the overall look, but the way, the parts are cast. In case of the jetbikes, prow and main body come in two parts. This is not an issue per se, if the connecting area, which is meant to get glued underneath the main part of the model were not so tiny and fragile. If the prow gets bended a little, the connection between the “prow-wings” breaks easily. If you manage to get the prow glued, just little pressure will most likely make the jetbike fall into it’s initial parts. In conclusion, I love the design, but the way the parts are meant to go together does not really work that well yet (It does somehow, just not that nicely).
The second exception, which is the close combat Stygians, also have a marvelous design. The issue I see is based on the superb proportions of the models. That might sound a bit odd at first, though the arms of those girls are so enormously thin, that several already broke during shipping (and Onslaught protected the lot in commendable way). Some more just broke while clipping casting remains from the models. This means that, while the variety of postures is great, the models itself are a bit fragile, keeping in mind one usually needs to transport them to their gaming destination.

Now, I need to point out that the two exceptions are nothing I am sad about. In my opinion the huge variety of excellent miniature lines produced by Onslaught solely in just about one year (?) is exceptional. This is true dedication to a hobby and I am happy to have such a great supplier for very high standard 6mm miniatures, suitable as proxies especially in Epic. I would like to see minor improvements for those two miniature types in order to make them easier to assemble and more robust as any tabletop game requires transportation. In my case, I created some slave cages as objective markers out of the jetbike prows. Even without prows, the jetbikes have still the right size in comparison to other models from that range. Additionally I used the prows to mimic the Razorwing jetfighter prow from 40k a bit.

So far from my side.
All of you a happy new year and happy wargaming in 2015!


2 thoughts on “Epic Armageddon – Warlord Titans and Dark Eldar

  1. Thanks for the compliment 😉

    Close ups will be taken, as soon as the painting proceeds. Usually I tend to avoid showing unpainted stuff on my blog 😉


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