Epic : Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion wip

Hey guys,

just a quick update in between. Aside of my Dark Eldar I started converting a Nurgle Titan Legion. The conversions are not done jet, though I ran out of green stuff for further nurglification. All three titans are based on the old Beetleback, though the Warlords got entirely new legs. Additionally a lot of Dreadfleet undead bits are mixed with entirely scratch built parts and the original Beetleback bits. Weaponry is complementary to the Plaguelord loadout, which means Gatling blaster, close combat weapon, laser blaster and apocalypse missile launcher. The Reaver Titan carries two quake cannons and a CLP. once I get more green stuff, more warpflesh and other disgusting stuff will be added. Additionally I want to create a nurgle walker unit to count as Sentinels and two pairs of Thunderbolts.

My plan will be to paint them up on a premium standard afterwards and sell them for a fair price to someone who wants to get into Epic as a little recruiting help.

Nurgle Titan Legion_wip

From left to right: Warlord Titan, Reaver Titan, Warlord Titan

Nurgle Titan Legion_wip side2

Nurgle Titan Legion_wip side


2 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion wip

    1. Thatks for the interest. It takes a lot of time to get the green stuff work done, though I want to make sure, it looks kind of natural (well as natural as some warped and rotten metal-flesh hybrid thingy can be) and detailled in the end, especially as I want to sell the whole lot.


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