Battlefleet Gothic – Battle Report

As promised here is the battle report of the second game fought last week Friday. We played 1500 points Imperial Navy versus Grey Knights. The game was nice to get back into this lovely game after a break of almost one year (?). Here are the lists:


Space Marines

6x Grey Knight Strike Cruiser

1x Master plus 1whw

2x 3Hunter destroyer

4x Rapier frigates


Imperial Navy

Apocalypse class battleship with Inquisitor

Mars battlecruiser

Lunar class cruiser with Novacannon

Lunar class cruiser with Novacannon

Colossus class cruiser

3x Cobra destroyers

The table – was 1,20m to 1,20m with multiple large asteroid fields, providing large areas of cover. In total a fairly small battlefield, though with enough los-blocking scenery good enough to get back into the game. The fleets were kinda straight forward. Having had no printed torpedo markers, I decided to go for Novacannon only, and proxying the Colossus torpedoes with dice. A 1,5k list with 4 Novacannons might seem a bit overkill, though the table was small enough with plenty of cover and the additional Grey Knight speed boost to look fair during set up. It needs to be mentioned, that the Nova cannons were shooting for four turns, hitting only 3 out of 12 times. Btw.: The greenish templates stand in for asteroid fields 😉

Set up – The Grey Knights split their force into two squadrons of three cruisers each, supported by escorts. One part of the fleet in each corner of the table to use cover and crush my imperial Navy right between the two parts of the fleet. My own ships split up as well, leaving Mars and Apocalypse class battleship in the middle and Lunar cruisers and the colossus in the right edge to counter the two squadrons of escorts and the opposing cruiser squadron. Rolls for moral were outstanding on both sides, leaving all of my squadrons with at least MW8, whilst the Grey Knights got MW10 all the way through their fleet.

Grey Knight deployment – remaining formations deployed on the opposite side of his deployment zone


Imperial / Technocracy deployment – Lunars and Colossus deployed right side of the Apocalypse class 


“Fleets advance – for the glory of technocracy and the infinite empire”

“Brothers, to arms – purge the heretics!”


1st turn –  The Grey Knights advanced on the left side, staying with the large cruiser formation in cover behind the asteroid fields. Being unaware of the range of my Novacannons, the second squadron of cruisers remained on the backside, which turned out to be quite fatal. The escorts advanced more in the open, ending the GK turn.

The Technocracy-fleet advanced as well. The Apocalypse class went forward, Mars launched fighters to protect the capital ships against Thunderhawks in the next turns. Lunars and Colossus advanced as well. All Nova cannons fired and just one hit this turn ripping five hull points from a strike cruiser on the right side of the table. The three cobras launched torpedoes, cutting off the path, the left GK strike cruisers had to take next turn.

IMG_0083 IMG_0079 IMG_0082 IMG_0080 IMG_0078 IMG_0081

2nd turn – This turn was considerably the most destructive in the entire game. The Grey Knights advanced, unharmed by the torpedo salvo fired by my Cobras last turn. The cruiser squadron and rapiers on the left side of the table locked on my Mars battle cruiser, damaging prow weapons, starboard weapons and deck weaponry and caused a fire, crippling the ship with four hull-points remaining. The centered Hunter squadron fired on my Apocalypse class battleship, causing just one point of damage. on the other side of the table, the second squadron of hunters launched torpedoes and the cruisers went on all ahead full. Floating through blast markers without shields, the damaged strike cruiser rolled a 6 and exploded – lucky me.

The intense attack on my Mars battlecruiser demanded immediate vengeance. The Grey Knights on the left flank braced for impact. My battleship locked on, the remaining ships did so as well. The Cobras needed to move further and therefore went towards the middle of the table to support the lunar class cruisers next turn hopefully. During the shooting phase the Mars did nothing (obviously), though the Apokalypse class took some shields and hull pints down from the strike cruisers on the left side of the table and shot two Rapiers down. On the right side, the broadsides of Colossus and Lunar cruisers combined with theNova cannons caused some Hunter casualties. The Cobras fired their weapon batteries on their GK counterparts and managed to destroy one. In the end phase, the Mars managed to repair all the damaged weapons and getting the fire under control, rolling four 6 at one time!

IMG_0086 IMG_0085 IMG_0088 IMG_0084 IMG_0087

3rd turn –  In turn three, the GK tried to surround the imperial fleet. The strike cruisers on the right flank did not manage to do serious damage, just stripping off the shields of the Colossus and one shield from one of the Lunars. Unfortunately the Colossus was then too far away for a teleport attack and the Lunar kept one shield remaining. On the other side, one rapier exploded after flying through some blast markers without shield. The other Strike Cruisers were still a bit handicapped as they braced in the last turn. therefore their shooting was slightly unsuccessful and stopped harshly by the shields of my Battleship. The Mars lost three more hullpoints, being damn close to destruction. At least no criticals were rolled.

In return, the imperials went on lock on again. This time eradicating all the escorts and destroying the strike cruisers on the right flank due to two very successful Nova cannon hits and some lucky sixes. Facing the fourth turn, my opponent surrendered, as most of his cruisers were crippled or destroyed and my only casualty was a badly damaged mars, floating around with just one hullpoint left. In total a fun game.

Retrospective – Looking back it was a fun and relatively fast game. Considering the two of us spending at least as much time in checking rules as playing the actual game, it took us only 1,5hrs to get the whole thing done. In total there were just one or two rule mistakes, though the overall strategy was not the best for both of us. I totally underestimated how slow imperial ships are and furthermore confused some game mechanics with epic every once in a while, leading to some rule checking and therefore delays in the game flow. For my opponent I would have strongly recommended a more aggressive playstyle. As far as I could remember, he used to play fairly aggressive some years ago, including several boarding actions, which did not happen at all. To be fair, my dice rolls were phenomenal, which is a rare thing to be honest, as I am famous for rolling fatally against all odds in the most miserable manner possible. However, this time almost every defensive turret hit and prevented my ships from torpedoes and Thunderhawks.

After writing this battle report, the BFG-feever got me once again and I will peint my Spacefleet era imperial fleet as fast as possible. Before closing this post, I would like to share some shots of the second game against eldar, which was definitely weired, as even though I played at least half of our fleet, I did not manage to fire more than a single time with one ship at our enemy, spending most of the remaining time just with cruising around. The same was true for a squadron of Strike cruisers, played my my friend. They where on the absolute wrong side of the table, not firing at all in the entire game. The latter lasted just for three turns and was not even nearly done, but the store closed and we had to call it. Anyway, loads of fun in outer space. Many thanks also to Natfka for posting some BFG reports every once in a while. That really helped me to get back to this lovely game after so much Dropzone Commander, Deadzone and Epic.

IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0093 IMG_0097 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0098

Last but not least: A few packs of Infinity Combined Army arrived last weekend as well. Time will tell when I find enough time to paint them up and get my first game in.


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