Epic Armageddon – Dark Eldar Update

H  ey folks,

almost three weeks since my last update here. Meanwhile I was quite busy working and traveling, though there was also some progress with my Dark Eldar. Basic colours and metal parts are painted on most of the war engines and some infantry. The following pics were taken prior to a little test game last weekend. Even though there is still a long way to go, the overall look slowly comes through and I definitely like it.

Epic Armageddon - Dark EldarEpic Armageddon - Dark Eldar 3Epic Armageddon - Dark Eldar 2

I was trying out the Epic UK list this time and I was quite happy with it, even though I need to admit, I am missing my Tormentor titans 😉

Shown above are two squats of flyers (fielded as Voidraven bonbers), a Coterie in transports with a single Wyvern, one squad of cabalite warriors, a Jetbike squadron, two Fleet formations and two single Vessels of Pain. On that weekend we also had two games of Battlefleet Gothic, with me trying out my Spacefleet era Ships once against Space Marines, the other time against an Eldar fleet. The battle report is coming soon. Again, many thanks to the guys at one of the Games Workshop stores in Berlin for supporting fans of Specialist Games with at least a small table at any occasion. You guys are really great and the actual soul which somehow got lost in the overall company.


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