Battlefleet Gothic – Mechanicum Fleet

Hey guys,

here are some quick iPhone snapshots of my developing Mechanicum “Spacefleet Themed” fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. The pics are somewhat a bit shaky, caused by my unsteady hand and the lack of a tripod, though I think it is good enough to see where the wip currently stands.

The centerpiece is going to be a converted Demiurg Bastion class battleship. Servoskulls and ordinary turrets were added to create a more human related feel. The side sponsons were removed, as they seemed somehow wrong, if the ship flies like a star destroyer now. While the old spacefleet escorts are still waiting for basecoating and the battleship is an early work in progress, the cruisers are almost done. I’ve ordered an Adeptus Mechanicus decal sheet for some more details placed on the large white stripes on the main hull. This is also to make it easier for me and my opponents to tell the cruisers appart from each other, as they all look damn identical. Just some turrets and the prow weapons are clear indicators by now. I already began to develop a stripe-code system which is added to the side sponsons, giving a unique code to each cruiser class. However, a clearer indicator, such as some Numbers and the Mechanicum Icon would be great to make it easy on first sight. The colour scheme turned out way different as originally intended, which is great as usually predictable painting bores me lots. I need to admit, that these old spacefleet ships are kind of difficult to paint, as the models are not as crisp as GWs models from nowadays and even smaller details are craftet very shallow into the model, which means essentially, even a very thin layer of basecoat is going to cover them entirely. Despite these issues, I like the result a lot by now. Painting wise, just the engine glow is missing. The colour off which depends a bit on the colour of the decals, so that step needs to wait, until I get the decal sheet.

The space-gascloud bases pop out amazingly well and make a good contrast to the otherwise much darker ships, which creates a lot more of a three dimensional feeling. Conversion wise, I actually did a lot, even though most of my opponents and myself won’t be able to see that most of times. The spacefleet cruiser models had one issue, which is based on the way, they were cast back in the old days. The side, where they were meant to get glued together was entirely flat, which means large parts underneath prow and hull are lacking any details, which created a weird look. Therefore I added a plasticcard bar, greenstuff and some more details and a large tower underneath every cruiser. I am happy with the results, even though I wont be able to see it that often.

Spacefleet Lunar cruiser by Gemana Spacefleet Lunar cruiser from above by Gemana Spacefleet Lunar cruisers by Gemana Spacefleet Adeptus Mechanikus Technocracy Battleship by Gemana Spacefleet Adeptus Mechanicus fleet by Gemana

FLEED INDEX (so far)

Omnissiahs Victory (Any Battleship for ordinary imperial fleets)

2 Dictator class cruisers with Nova Cannons (otherwise Mars battlecruisers for imperial fleet lists)

3 Lunar class cruisers with Nova Cannons

3 Tyrant class cruisers

2 Colossus class cruisers

15 Cobra destroyers


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