Battlefleet Gothic – News

The third post for today is some sort of advertising for a manufacturer of neat BFG proxies for imperial ships. Not cheap but absolutely worth the price I think, these ships capture perfectly the feel of the 41st Millennium, without being an odd copy or recast, but more of a high quality sculpt. Done by some guys from Australia (if I got it right), one of which is running the amazing blog, these sculpts were handmade from nothing but scratch in the first place. I am truly stunned and would like to see there kits more often. I am also really looking forward for their next releases.

I am especially happy, because except for Chaos and Imperial fleets, all the Xenos fleets can easily be converted based on the actual range of Games Workshop plastic Kits.

Cruiser with beam weapon from

Escorts from

Cruiser from

Additionally kits like weapon-modules can be purchased. What are you waiting for? Check them out!

Weapon-modules from

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