Epic Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion 90% done

Happy easter to all of you out there 😉

To add a new nice post to my blog, before flying to Edinburgh over easter, here is the status quo of my Nutgle Titan Legion project. Except for the Flyers and some details on the newly added Plague-ship, the conversions are done so far and the models are waiting for basing and colour. I need to admit, that the costs ran slightly out of control. I spent by now around 130€ on bits, the titan bodies and three(!) packs of green stuff. I hope the final pricing is not too much, as it is till concepted as a easy to go, no worries starter army to get into Epic. I will add as well some printed and individualised stat cards, as well as the rules burned on dvd, to make it a true out of the box start set (just not sure how to sell it afterwards without getting trouble with GW – open for suggestions from your side guys 😉 ).

Pricing wise I am also very open to suggestions from your side, on what would be a fair price for the whole lot. Obviously they need to get painted on a high standard first, before a price can be set anyway. I am also wondering on how to address exclusively non-Epic players by now, so I guess I have to think bout that a bit more. Enough about price, lets get into the details of the conversions. I added multiple layers of muscle-like mutated flesh-metal and corrosive elements to the models. I think there is a good rande of different surface textures by now, making it easy to paint them in a distinct colour scheme later on. The bases are done so far and I love the barb wire. Here and there some liquid green stuff is required to fill some gaps before starting the painting process. The spaceship needs some more weathering to the plastic, as well as more flesh-metal parts on the hull. The prow looks more like a strike cruiser. in the middle, there is a Tyranid weapon (no clue of the name) though it looks like a neat Nurgle-ish insectoid mouth by now. The litle walkers are definitely larger than normal sentinels or robots, but well… f**k it 😉 I like the look of these bug-like walkers.

After the weekend in Edinburgh, I might do the last round of final touches to the models on the weekend after and prepare everything for painting then. If you have suggestions on what should get changed or added to the models, feel free to post them here. Otherwise I am really looking forward for the painting process.




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