Epic : Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion Plaguedrakes done

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Finally some time to load up the proof of my recent work on the Nurgle Titan Legion. Over all, the green stuff work was completed last week, with finally getting the Plaguedrakes done. I used jaws of spare Tyranid Gargoyle heads and merged them with the more mechanical parts you guys saw in the previous posts. the wings were an adaptation to other current Nurgle designs from GW, so slightly more fly-ish than the original Heldrakes. The pipes were made by metal wired polystyrene-tubes. I also created three themed objective markers, as it becomes clearer which objectives need to get conquered or defended and it looks just better after all. The entire army is including the Spacecraft now worth more than 3200 pints excluding additional upgrades such as CML or Sacred Icons etc. As I left the Gatling blasters free to change, there can be also some physical changes to weaponry. All the other weapons on the Warlords are scratched in a way, allowing to field them in several ways, as long as it stays consistent throughout the entire army.

Painting wise I tend to an ordinary Nurgle scheme to make them match with most armies out there and giving a high contrast to make them look more realistic. Maybe I can manage to get the bases a little bt more swampy – we will see.

That’s it so far – enjoy.


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