Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar / Stygian War Engines

After some turbulent weeks with much real life business and converting and starting painting the Nurgle Titan Legion – which will be shown here as soon as I manage to reach the intermediate goal of finishing all the primary colours – here is finally some progress with my Dark Eldar War engines. I got a first set painted, including the blue-ish bases which contrast absolutely amazingly with the shiny red. However, the bases still look a bit empty and I am still searching for some intense blue or greenish plants in 6mm scale to bring them slightly more alive. Any ideas or recommendations are highly welcome. Furthermore, I am not entirely sure on how to paint engine glows etc. I do like the green crystals but cant decide between green and blue osl for the engines. Therefore I am searching for your opinion as a tiebreaker. The next rush would be the remaining war engines and already painted jetbikes, just to finish them off. Plants could still be added later.

That is it for my little update here so far. I hope you guys do like it. Cheers and happy wargaming.

Epic Armageddon Dark Eldar Stygian Barges of Pleasure Epic Armageddon Dark Eldar Stygian Vessel of Pain Epic Armageddon Dark Eldar Stygian War Engines


3 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar / Stygian War Engines

  1. Thought it better to comment here than on the other post –

    You can get some really nice dyed lichen in a whole variety of colours (I have used bright yellow and red, you can see it on some of my assault marine bases) which at this scale could work for bushes etc. Also there are manufacturers of static grass tufts who produce some quite vivid stuff – most of it is “summer flowers” or something, but occasionally they will do a brighter range


  2. I will most likely wait finalising the bases until my order arrives. Maybe the blue flowerleaves are allready enough to bring the blue alien planet bases to live – if not there will be still some crackled earth paste to use and in worst case switching the crystal colour – anyways, I am super excited.


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