BFG – Dark Eldar Fleet WiP pics

Being a huge Dark Eldar and BFG fan I thought of pointing out this army build on Epic Addiction. The ships remind me on the original models made in ancient times 😉 Looking forward to observe the progress being made with these.


Hi guys!

Just a super quick post with some pictures of my WiP Dark Eldar fleet.

Just before spraying the last few ships Just before spraying the last few ships

Obviously it is a converted fleet, using the old style Reaver jetbikes. I know alot of people are using the new style ones to do their Dark Eldar fleets, but I feel the older ones are closer to the aesthetics of the actual GW Dark Eldar BFG models and work better in relation to the GW Eldar BFG models.

I still need to get around to painting them, but I am planning to keep it nice and simple with these.

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2 thoughts on “BFG – Dark Eldar Fleet WiP pics

  1. Vielen Danke mein freund!

    Making them look like the old BFG De models was the aim in using the old DE jetbikes. I do love the DE fleets (and your EPIC war engines – what are you using for infantry btw?) that use the modern reaver jetbikes, but wanted to stick to the “classical” look for mine. Maybe a second fleet beckons… 😛


    1. The entire Infantry is from Onslaught. Posted some ietbikes on Facebook some time ago and try to get miniatures for a modest 3k list painted over the weekend. Just before Christmas I spent a little fortune on 5kg of Onslaught Stygians 😉 Needless to point out the incredible amount of detail. Painting the infantry now I regret slightly my shiny edge highlighting paint scheme, which speeds things up rapidly but obviously does not really support detailing 6mm infantry -.-

      Give me till Monday to get them done 😉


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