Battlefleet Gothic – Adeptus Mechanicus fleet showcase

Hello fellow readers,

allready two weeks since my last post. Even though I got some models done the other days, I did not manage to take adequate pics or videos at all. Therefore I took some army and wip videos from some of my current hobby project (basically just the very tip of the iceberg. Todays first post therefore deals with my Adeptus Mechanicus fleet I completed around seven (!) weeks ago. The models got decals as well as a marking code system to make it easier for me, but especially my opponents to tell the different ship types apart.


My first Battlefleet Gothic ship was entirely scratch build followed by immense amounts of bits, bashed to the hull. The ship is around the size of on of the original BFG Battleships but contains weapon load outs for every single variant ever published by Games Workshop. Usually I tend to use it as the all mighty Emperor class Battleship or Venerable Battle Barge. Summing up, this ship is not exactly new, but the last remaining bit of a huge Imperial fleet I sold around one year ago.

Battlefleet Gothic_Mechanicum Battleship_Omnissiahs Victory

The Omnissiahs Victory is the mightiest battleship, available to the fleets of Mars. This one was constructed out of a Demiurg Battleship. Turrets and a servo skull were added, to make it look more Admec like. The side sponsons were removed to make the actual front clearer (actually Demiurg ships fly the other way around).

Battlefleet Gothic_Mechanicum_Lunar_Cruisers

Here some Lunar class Cruisers. They were marked with two stripes on there left side,


These cruisers were armed with Nova cannons and marked with two stripes on the left and one on the rightside. usually I play them as Dictator or Dominator class cruisers.

Spacefleet_Mechanicum Battlecruisers

The two battlecruisers shown above are armed with lances and a Nova cannon. Therefore they can represent various battle cruiser variants. Their marking is three stripes on the right side.

Battlefleet Gothic_Colossus_Cruisers

Here another group of cruisers.

Battlefleet Gothic_Spacestation

Closing this post, here is a shot of a space station. As I got asked several times how they were made, I thought a close up might be useful. Summing up, it is entirely based on 40k bitz and some BFG chaos turrets. More details can be found in the youtube video here:

I hope you enjoyed this expedition into Battlefleet Gothic. Comments and critics are as always highly appreciated and very welcome indeed.

Enjoy the week and happy wargaming!


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