Epic Armageddon – Ordinatus Majoris and Chaos Squat Leviathan

Hey guys,

this is just a short post about some conversions I did recently (well most of them). The first few conversions are bsed on the new Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron battle servitors. The tracks and engine parts make perfect war engine sized chassis for super heavy tanks or Ordinatus Majoris. Depending on the scale you chose for your army, they are large enough to count as 3 or 4 DP war engines. As I tend to use the metal Baneblades etc. they do just well as Ordinatus Majoris with a total of four damage points.

Epic Armageddon_Cadian Leviathan Mobile Command Centre

Scale wise I put them close to a Warhound, which shows how much bulkier they are. In a box of combat servitors come three chassis, which is enough to create two or three Ordinati and another unit. As I wanted to field my steel legion as Cadians every once in a while, I decided to convert one chassis into a Cadian Leviathan and the other two in Ordinatus Majoris with Nova cannon and the Ordinatus Cadia with double Plasma Destructors. Roughly two years ago I built up a Chaos Squat army (not managed to paint them up yet). Doing so I created some Overlords, Goliaths and Leviathans. As the latter have 6 damage points in the squat list, they seemed a bit off scale when fielded in a Cadian list. This is mainly why I decided to go for another Leviathan proxy after all.

Epic Armageddon_ Ordinatus Majoris and Chaos Squat Leviathan

Epic Armageddon_Ordinatus Majoris

The Cadian Leviathan is a super heavy armored vehicle lacking the otherwise characteristic main turret with battle cannon built on the original models produced by Games Workshop ages ago.Never the less I like the Idea of a massive Battle tank with enough space for a command centre inside its armored hull. The Ordinati on the other side had to look slightly more fragile. Therefore I used the central towers of two Space Hulk CATS in order to build up a sensor array tower. Fluff wise the tower coordinates the targeting matrix and focusses the immense firepower of these colossal siege machines.

In the video you can also take a short look on some conversions for combat servitors made from Ork Nobz. If the article was at least a little helpful or inspirational, feel free to leave a little comment below. If you have any further questions or got some neat conversions as well, you can also contact me and send me some shots of your conversions or whatever – maybe I will show your miniatures on my blog quite soon 😉




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