Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar war engines wip

Epic Armageddon - Dark Eldar War Engines

Good afternoon everybody (at least here in Europe),

todays post shows some more work in progress pics from some further war engines I am working on for my Dark Eldar army. First of all I had due to the recent published video one new box of 40k Dark Eldar Hyemshin. Therefore I decided to use my recently built Slavebringer assault boats for bombers in future and convert a single, larger Slavebringer out of the new box. As I have plenty of Haemonculi stuff by now, the choice to go for a pair of Cult themed Barges of pleasure was an easy one as well. Also I wanted to create a new porper webway portal – also as there were plenty of jetbike blade sections spare after constructing the first lot. Relaying entirely on aircraft for matters of air defence I also assumed a nother pair of Razorwing jetfighters could be a neat option and would give me the opportunity to take some wip shots for you out there. Finally, just because there were some parts left, I created two models for the Perditor pain engine, contained in the NetEA rules. Lets start clock wise…

Haemonculus Coven Barges of Pleasure

Essentially constructed in the same unspectacular way as their ordinary Cabal counterparts, the mechanical arms and chemical tanks create that distinct Coven feeling. I do like the way, how the arms are searching for victims while the vast vessels are skimming above the battlefield.

Epic Haemonculus Barges

Epic Haemonculus Barges Rear

Epic Haemonculus Barges Side

Perditor pain engines

Despite the fact that most of the Perditor is based on a jetbike engine and a gun turret, there are also some further parts which originate in the current Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Servitors box (mechanical arms etc.). I could have used further parts of the jetbike kit, though like how surprisingly well the two kits merge into one new unit.

Epic Perditor Side

Epic Perditor Pain Engine

Epic Perditor Front

Dark Eldar webway portal

Nothing special here, just a nice arrangement of all the spare jetbike blades from the kit.

Dark Eldar Webway Portal

Slavebringer assault boat

The Slavebringer is the Dark Eldar pendant to Eldar Vampire Raider or the Space Marine Thunderhawk. way more fragile, though protected by a Shadowfield, this assault craft can carry a small but hard stiking force whereever you need them to be. Equipped with some dark lances as well, it is a reasonable threat to the enemy. In order to capture this inherit nature of the fast and striking assault craft, I decided to go for a dynamic but more bulky shape compared to the models I now use as bombers. Basically the entire arrangement is a jetbike put on its back with a nes prow glued on its former underside.

Epic Slavebringer Dark Eldar

Epic Slavebringeer Above

Epic Armageddon Slavebringer Dark Eldar

Razorwing Jetfighters

Constructed as mentioned in the previous video, these fighters are based on the thrusters, rear blade section and the turret of the jetbikes, as well as a jetbike prow from Onslaught miniatures. The pic shows in detail, how these parts merge together with some glue and green stuff. The only thing that needs to get done by now is some fine tuning with liquid green stuff to smooth out some of the green stuff areas.

Epic Razorwing Jetfighters

That is it so far – all of my converted war engines and flyers. Actually all the options in both, the NetEA and the EpicUK version of the Dark Eldar List for Epic Armageddon are covered. What are you waiting for? order some Infantry from Onslaught, get some Reaver jetbike boxes and start your own Dark Eldar army. Feel free to keep the community updated on facebook, or contact me to get your stuff publised πŸ˜‰




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