Battlefleet Gothic – Dark Eldar Fleet Display

Today I managed to find some spare time, getting my Dark Eldar fleet for Battlefleet Gothic on celluloid. I would like to take this as starting point for some further blogging about Dark Eldar tactics in our most beloved space battles tabletop game.

Supporting the video, here are some great Dark Eldar fleets I have found around the web, showing different ways of creating a neat fleet for your command. One of the easiest Ways is grabbing some Hellion Skyboards as Escorts and Jetbikes as cruisers. The aesthetics work just well and it is super convenient. The following fleet is a good example of how that looks like. I found the pic on some blog, lacking any source, but I think to have seen them on the blog afterimagedan once before:


The next fleet is based on many different bitz and parts. This time some sort of blog-found pic again:


Here is another interesting mix of Hellion and Jetbike parts with some neat large sails as well:


For my own fleet I used a broad range of leftover Dark Eldar and Eldar parts and weapons to make maximum use of what I’ve had left in my bitz box after building up reinforcements for my Warhammer 40k army back then. Lets move on to the video:

This shall be it for this post. Next time I will take a closer look on Dark Eldar weaponry and general play style.


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