Epic : Armageddon – Nurgle Titan Legion bases wip

Hello there,

going to be one week abroad, I’d like to give you an update of my Nurgle Titan Legion. After applying base colours I found myself stuck in the process until this afternoon. I decided to rather do the bases first and proceeding on the Titans later in order to get at least some progress with the whole lot. The bases of the two Plaguelord Titans are furthest in Progress, so you can see what I am up to.

Nurgle Titan Legion

As the units are mostly green in colour, I thought brown-rusty bases mixed with some toxic water would give a nice contrast. By now, there are overall three layers of paint on each element. Two more layers of water effect are required to flatten the surface and bring additional depth to the muddy filthy liquid that erodes the titans feet.

Nurgle Bases  Nurgle Plague Bases Nurgle Corruption Nurgle Titan Legion Bases

As usual, comments on the paint scheme are highly welcome.




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