Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Cabalite Warriors

Today I would like to display some fresh painted additions to all the war engines of my Dark Eldar army. These lovely models are as most of my infantry proxies from Onslaught miniatures and have an insane amount of detail. If I wouldn’t have wanted to re create my long time sold 40k Dark Eldar army, I would have chosen a different paint scheme to bring all the details to live. Never the less I do like the results of the past hours of painting:

As multiple times mentioned, the colour scheme is meant to be a hommage to my former 40k army. Browsing the web, I found lots of old pics, so here is how the Warhammer 40k pendants used to look like:

In game terms, warriors used in so called “Cabal Syndicates” are the cheap mainstay of any Dark Eldar army. Potent in firefights with marginal range weaponry, this unit for 200 points is a bargain. Raiders come in for free, so high mobility is guaranteed. Having had a few games with my Dark Eldar so far, I usually put two blank formations in my lists, to push activation count and make sure to unlock enough support slots. Compared to Cabal Flotillas they seem a bit more resilient and 50 points cheaper, means more budget for Spearhead units. Another version of Syndicate is the fairly expensive eight stands plus leader in Barges of Pleasure version – a fearsome engagement force, capable of annihilating any formation in the game. In combined engagements, adding the special Eldar ability to double after successful engagements, the potential of large upgraded Syndicates is truly frightening. Barges of Pleasure will be on display the next days – until then, feel free to share your Dark Eldar forces with us, here on Gemana.




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