DIY Epic or Make Your Own Epic Necron Army!

Some months ago I acquired some Necron models for Epic. Although they are going to wait until Dark Eldar and Squats are done, I found this amazing article today and thought it is a nice guide getting yourself Necron in Epic Armageddon. Enjoy the article – I did, that’s certain.

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Back with another quick blog post here. This time I wanted to share some really cool and easy DIY Epic Necron ideas that some of the members of our group have come up with.

Its true; Epic Armageddon is no longer officially supported by GW. But it’s far from dead. The rules are all still freely available on the internet, and army lists are still actively being developed and playtested by fans. The NetEA Website is your one stop site for rules and army lists ready to play straight from the box. All completely free!

Ok, so you have all the rules you need and every army list you could possibly dream of. Now how do you find an army? You can occasionally find good deals on ebay. Space Marines and Orks are fairly abundant and reasonably priced. Or, you can buy proxies and get creative! GW never actually made…

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3 thoughts on “DIY Epic or Make Your Own Epic Necron Army!

    1. Great conversions – was tempted to go for some fairly cheap proxies as well, though decided to go for close custom made rebuilds of original models instead to make the Necron look as close to the original models as possible.

      Also I do like the refreshing blue OSL – kind of different in a pleasant manner 🙂


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