Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighters

The only way of getting proper air protection and imo a big issue in balancing terms, is Dark Eldar aircraft. There are no ground based options for air protection in the entire list, and aside of some aa guns on Slavebringer assault boats, or he never used landing module is getting fighters and bombers into your list. One squadron of fighters is considered to be mere minimum to encounter enemy aircraft. If you try getting a list done without fighter and bombers – good luck with that, but you will see your army getting torn to shreds if you aren’t lucky enough to face a list without aircrafts themselves. This issue limits the amount of other support choices and therefore tactics a lot – at least as far as I am concerned. Therefore I find hardly space for the cool Tormentor titans in my lists. On the plus side, Dark Eldar fighters are quite potent and well armed, so I end up frequently having two to three squats of fighters in my lists. Combined with Spacecraft and Bombers for TK lance support to take out enemy war engines, they perform great in my games. To tell aircraft and skimmers apart, I used blank flying bases for flyers, skimmers got properly based stands. The exception is the Slavebringer, which is intended to land troupes and will get a based stand as well.

A few years ago I used to own two Razorwing jetfighters, altough I was never happy about how cluttered the table felt in 40k, especially via flyers. Epic is simply the better game in this aspect šŸ˜‰

What do you think about air support in Dark Eldar army lists – inevitable or are there well performing lists without fighters and bombers?




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