Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Bombers & Slavebringer Assault Craft

Today it’s time for the remaining air support section. First off, let’s deal with bombers. There is a minor difference wether you use Net Epic Armageddon or Epic UK lists. Bombers in first option are armed with slow firing TK lances, meaning you can use them as fighters every other turn. TK weaponry sounds great at first, but fairly often they miss to hit and you only get four shots in total per game, assuming you manage to attack something every other turn. Personally I would not bother attacking larger war engines, but assuring, smaller ones, such as Warhounds or Shadowswords are going to die first. Dark Eldars biggest weakness are foes, which are highly mobile and achieve to attack to their conditions. Therefore I found myself bringing down these formations first, to assure I can dictate where and when assaults are going to happen. A great way of dealing with Warhounds – all of which I found super deadly for the Dark Kin – is prepping them with Fighters to bring down shields and starting an attack run with bombers afterwards.

IMG_1928 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1931 IMG_1930 IMG_1929

The Slavebringer is a dedicated assault transporter, much alike Space Marine Thunderhawks. Maybe even better protected, due to it’s Shadowfield, it assures Taloi or similar spearhead formations to arrive where ever needed.Weaponry and AA abilities are decent, pricing moderate. The only difference between Epic UK and NetEA rules is Talos transportation. The latter isn’t allowed according to EpicUK rules, which makes Taloi less efficient, but does make a lot of sense fluff wise.

Another great addition, yet not cheap is the Torture class cruiser. At 300 points it is expensive, but offers orbital bombardment and two lance strikes. First is great, because Dark Eldar don’t have any artillery and except for heavy barges and Perditors, no blast weaponry either. Therefore a well placed orbital barrage can get you out of hordes trouble and vanish enemy infantry off board. Lance strikes on the other hand are superb to get rid off enemy DC 3 war engines, which can be a harassment for your vulnerable forces. Keeping in mind the cruiser is not slow and steady as most if not all spacecraft of it’s size and strength are, you get a potent first round, first activation weapon. I have no dedicated Epic cruiser model yet, but feel free to check out the Battlefleet Gothic page on my blog to see my Dark Eldar fleet, or check this video out on youtube.



Edit: Typo day  -.-  … text has been edited now.


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