Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar gameplay review

The weekend is over and with a few days after my two games against Ianden, I had quite some time to spend thoughts about gameplay with the dark kin. Previously I used to play the NetEA list, thus this time I tried the Epic UK one.

Both games turned out to be fairly easy wins, mostly because a relatively slow Ianden list, without supreme commander means out maneouvering is a fairly easy task. The Epic UK list proved fairly strong at 3k, especially as the flyer options, respectively Voidraven bombers are so much more useful. The lack of Tormentor Titan, Perditor and Kashnarak is sad, though they seemed to be difficult to integrate in standard tournament lists at 3k points limit anyway. This is mainly based on the neccessity of fighters for air cover and due to the lack of ground based artillery, an obligatory support through bombers and space craft. As the latter became cheaper in the Epic UK list, a significant power increase in terms of air and orbital weapons was recognisable.

The first list I used, was based around one strong double barge Archon formation, as well as a Cruiser and three bomber formations. Slightly weaker on ground, but therefore with significant air superiority and some strong barrage weapons, it was a pleasure to see the different parts interacting with each other. After the first barrages had nuked out enemy key units, such as artillery it became way easier to handle the opponent to my conditions. The game ended in turn two, with my opponent having roughly 500 points left on the table, with all but one formation broken.

The second game was set at 2500 points. This time no air or spacecrafts allowed. Worrying about the now assumingly untouchable artillery, I played slightly defensive in turn one, allowing my opponent to close in. Once his expensive Ianden army run out of activations, I managed to attack the artillery with one of my four vessels of pain and some jetbikes. The game from then on went in my favour, winning in turn three 6:0.

Even though the Dark Eldar constantly ย feel a bit wacky, with their paper armour and non existing artillery or ground based AA, they tend to hit extremely hard. Maneouvering correctly and using multiple engagements in a row appears to be even more effective than their Biel Tan counterparts. In conclusion a fun but challenging army to play. For future games I will most likely stick with the Epic UK list, unless the points limit increases and Tormentors could get included, without wrecking the list performance. Do you play with or against Dark Eldar in Epic? Share your thoughts ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar gameplay review

    1. Cheers mate ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can look forward to some nice Squat reviews and my Necron force. Got the Abattoire today and therefore basing and undercoating will be up next ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Dark Eldar have always tempted me as an EPIC army, but I have been put off by the lackof models and my poor converting skills. Onslaughts new stuff has perked up my interest tho.

    From what I hhave read tho, it seems the army relies on its aircraft and vehicles to shoot the opponent to death. Is this true? Where does it leaves their infantry – useful, or pointless?


    1. Well – to be honest I don’t think there are any obsolete unit choices… at least not in the Epic UK list. I found it hard to justify choosing Haemonculi or Wyches so far, although I think there might be some list options where they might synergise just well with other parts of your army. Especially Jetbikes with their insane 40cm movement speed seem insanely good to give you access to literally any part of the table, outmanoeuvring any other unit in the game. Ordinary Warriors seem more attractive than flotillas in my opinion. This is mostly based on their cheaper pricing, but also more ablative points (thats relative of course, they are Dark Eldar at last > shoot at them and they die). If you manage to handle them safety and keep them protected till you finally hit, they are great in engagements, which is what you should be doing in around 70% of the times. Although units like the Vessels of pain are too strong in shooting to let them do anything else. It is really up to activating the right units at the right time to engage the right targets and evoke synergies, thus prepare the enemy or shoot down nasty units and then engage the rest and wipe them out. Dark Eldar are engagement monsters and fast enough to dictate where the engagement happens.


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