Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Tormentor Titans

My most beloved models in my Epic Dark Eldar collection were created by accident. Initially I had planned to create a neat force based on barges and aircraft. I ended up with some spare parts, got some spare Tyranid parts from the shelves and all of a sudden I found myself with these two walking tripods. The difficulties of fielding them in Epic were described previously, so this time I will focus on when, if and how to use them. Keeping in mind I’ve had just a hand full of games with them yet, I am always open for other suggestions from you guys 😉

First off, you can hardly put more than one in your 3k list. The reason is for one you are lacking AA then. The other would be the sink of a third of your budget on two activations. Each Tormentor is almost as expensive as a cheaper Reaver variant, yet not nearly as tough. To make up for that, Tormentor Titans are as mobile as their Eldar Revenant counterparts and can decide where and if they are going to attack. Equipped with two TK lances, and some anti infantry guns, this titan is good off in ranged attacks. However, using him that way, would be a waste, as in firefights and especially close combats the TK attacks increase dramatically. His best performance is for sure to engage enemy tank formations, ripping their armor apart in close combat, regrouping and supporting elsewhere. Although I put them coming out of a webway portal, they can’t actually do that in game, so that is just for display.


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