Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes

The last addition to this first wave of Dark Eldar miniatures will be the first unit I’ve managed to paint, yet basing somehow never happened and now they are on display. Reaver jetbikes are outstandingly fast. I am not sure if there is any faster unit in game but 40cm single movement means marching them allows to cross the entire board in not necessarily straight lines. Not that potent in engagements they can support where ever needed and can grab objectives anywhere on board. This means despite the fact they are not your premium assault units, their strategic value is immense. The models themselves were assembled without prow.

My 40k Dark Eldar army used to have nine Jetbikes – unfortunately they seemed a bit useless once 6th edition turned up and GW price policy turned into utter madness. So these were my last additions to a 40k army ever since.

Überfall 2



This was the entire first wave of my Dark Eldar army – they were fun to paint and the proxies from Onslaught were outstanding. A second wave of miniatures, currently waiting for further painting will be added in future, although I am going to focus on my Chaos Squats next. The second lot will contain many more standard skimmers and lots of infantry support, to have at least one squat of any kind in my collection. Next post will be the army page on my blogs Epic Armageddon site section with a large army display, so keep tuned 😉


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