Starting Epic Armageddon – with Steel Legion

Welcome to this second article about starting with Epic Armageddon. Last time I kicked off with a rather exotic army / the Dark Eldar. This time howeveer, I would like to focus on one of the most popular and most suitable army to start Epic Armageddon: The Steel Legion.

Personally I started some years ago with Space Marines, which are in contrast to their 40k counterpart way more challenging to play. Especially if you are new to Epic Armageddon, the Steel Legion offers a wide range of unit types and possible list variations, whilest focussing on the core ruleset, without any odd extra rules. Additionally, the Steel Legion is a great starting point to expand your collection and playing other, more specialised Imperial Guard lists later on. The following list contains most unit types and is supposed to be balanced and suitable to tackle most enemies with a moderate activation count of 10.

Steel Legion 3000 points army list

6 Rough Riders

9 Leman Russ, Vanquisher

Supreme Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera

Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera, Hydra

Commander, 12 Infantry, Hydra



3 Manticores

2 Thunderbolts

2 Thunderbolts

the very core of this army is formed by the regimental HQ, Leman Russ Company and Mobile Infantry. These units are relatively fast and excel in supporting one another during engagements. The Tank Company offers additional firepower to shoot down smaller/weaker enemy formations. The Infantry platoon is meant to garrison and provide forward air cover. For further air protection, a single Hydra is attached to the Mobile Infantry platoon. If the opponent fields plenty of aircraft, the Thunderbolts may go on CAP, whereas otherwise the Hydras should solve most air related inconveniences. If so, Thunderbolts are efficient to attack (almost-) broken formations or prep them for engagements, or strip down shields of enemy war engines. The Manticores offer the opportunity of firing medium strength barrages every turn, or release devastating missile barrages every other turn. This flexibility makes them imo. the superior choice over a Basilisk platoon. Artillery is not necessary, but offers opportunities to attack vulnerable units in the enemy backfields in later turns, as well as trying to take out the enemy artillery as soon as possible, to prevent harm of your vulnerable guardsmen. To counter enemy war engines and in order to up the overall activation count, two single Shadowswords deliver potent anti war engine firepower. Please consider protecting them as good as possible, as your opponent will inevitably try to break or destroy them as soon as possible. Last up the Rough riders – a vulnerable, but cheap and helpful scout and infiltrator unit, capable of denying areas of the table to enemy formations or forcing them to waste their activation on attacking the Rough Riders. Newbies might find it complicated at first to utilise them efficiently, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to miss them ever again. Alternatively you could use Sentinels for that purpose, although they are even more fragile and easier to break.

Now what do you need to buy? Considering that templates dice etc. are the same as in Warhammer 40k and therefore easy accessible, or most likely existing and free rules and army lists can be found on it really comes down to the miniatures themselves (30.09.2015):

Steel Legion proxy / shopping list – Troublemaker Games

6 Rough Riders – 1x Novian Winter Cavallery

9 Leman Russ, Vanquisher – 1x Churchillian and Black Prince Tanks

Supreme Commander, 36 Infantry, 14 Chimera, 2 Hydra

1x Novan Winter Infantry Specialists (21£)

1x Novan Winter Infantry (14£)

Chimera Option A:

4x Novan Wellington Heavy Transport (48£)

Chimera Option B:

5x Sisterhood Juno APCs from Onslaught (46,20£)

Option C:

(Alternatively, plastic Rhinos from ebay, or Chimeras from other sources. Additional Junos or Rhinos etc. can be easily converted into AA via back/flack or rocket launcher – might be cheapest option)

Shadowswords – Novan Marksman

3 Manticores – 1x Novan Steel Rain pack

4 Thunderbolts – 4 Novian Spitfires

The easiest and most convenient and coherent looking option would be ordering the entire lot from Troublemaker Games. In this case you get a decent force for 193£, with enough models to keep you busy painting and basing for months (especially painting ;)).

As you can see, the level of detail on all the miniatures is multiple times higher and more crisp than any GW products ever used to be, which guarantees for joyful and easy painting – especially if you are not used to that scale.

The Novian Winter Cavalry pack contains 36 models in total, which is enough for twelve bases of Rough Riders/ two squads. Here and there might be some spare models, which are great for objective markers etc. Onslaught and Troublemaker manufacture in small numbers, which means that model prices might be higher than expected, although still much cheaper than GW ever used to be. The quality of both companies is regarding to my own experiences superb. If you like rather futuristic and less grim-dark models, you might find the great models on Microworld Games or Dark Realm Miniatures.

Fancy starting Steel Legion? In future I might provide some tutorials on how to paint 6mm miniatures easy and efficient, even without airbrush and steady hand. Until then, feel free to check out some other vids from Mickeys Minis on Youtube. Furthermore, battle reports with Steel Legion and Death Korps can be found here on my blog and on my Youtube channel.

Next time I will focus on the Death Korps, which will use a fair part of the miniatures listed above, while providing an entirely different playstyle. Thus a great option to extend your Imperial Guard collection later on.

Cheers 🙂

15 thoughts on “Starting Epic Armageddon – with Steel Legion

    1. I am glad this helped. Epic is most likely the best rule set GW ever created and still very much alive. Though it’s difficult to find miniatures if you haven’t been part of the community already. Feel free to give some feedback on how you got started and problems you faced. I could address these in another article late on. Best, G.


  1. As mentioned in your Video report, some pics of what I have. It would be awesome if you could comment what I need to get next. Also, I would like to paint them for at least 2 chapters (SW, BA). What do you think would be a good split? Additionally, I have some damaged stuff (some where gifted to me) and I do have a CSM army which needs some models. What would be the easiest way to convert?


  2. Well thats a lovely collection of mint stuff you got yourself there. If I were you, I would try to get one or two more Thunderhawks and put assault marines Thudnerhawks and Terminators with some scouts in the Blood Angles list. Their assault squats include six stands, which makes them a lot harder in combat. Land Raiders would be more suitable for Space Wolves as far as I am concerned. Make sure you split the Whirlwinds that each army has one formation of artillery included. Also useful is a Strike Cruiser for Planetfall and orbital bombardment. Thunderhawks etc. can be purchased as proxies from Troublemaker via That’s it for now. Let me think a bit about possible lists and I will make the next shopping lists around possible SW or BA lists. Till then, experiment a bit with Make sure your lists include stuff like scouts, anti air, maybe flyers, Spacecraft, Macro weapons and or Titans. Speaking of which…. Warhounds are always amazing with any kind of Space Marine list.


      1. No specific rules but different units and army lists. Check the latest army compendium and the tournament pack on


  3. This is a really great resource. I dream about getting into Epic Armageddon, and if ever I do, I will be following this guide pretty closely. Even if I don’t I might just have to get some of those winter infantry models, they are so cool. Thanks for putting this together, very happy to find it!


    1. Glad to see people still get excited. I haven’t found time since last July to engage in any hobby related stuff I’m afraid. Gonna pick it up in a few weeks tho.


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