Dropfleet Commander reaches 200.000£

Hey guys,

the Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander is rolling superbly well it seems. Hawk just unlocked the Shaltari Starter set, making three of four races available by now. Here are some shots of the fantastic models by Hawk Wargames:

Dropfleet Commander Scourge Dropfleet Commander heavy cruiser Dropfleet Commander Dropfleet Commander Shaltari unlocked Dropfleet Commander gaming map add onDropfleet Commander UCM


3 thoughts on “Dropfleet Commander reaches 200.000£

    1. Well, what we have seen so far seems to be pretty exciting and entirely different from other Space related games so far… Andy Chambers is pretty much guarantor for a splendid game. Also you won’t need space terrain, but instead hugh land masses, which is pretty exciting for terrain building. Personally I bought in with the double starter set, which should provide plenty of fun alongside the other games I play on a regular basis. My recommendation: do it! Seems to be great value for money and even if you don’t like the game in the end… the models are amazing and could be used for other rule sets as well (Looking at u Battlefleet Gothic).

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      1. I might do so, I love the UCM ships a ton, more than any other space ship game I’ve seen. I’m just iffy on the 40K style dice mechanics (3+ hits etc) as I find that to be my least favorite of mechanics. But everything else seems really cool (I really like the way range is handled for instance).


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